4 new products pass Shaanxi Hanjiang machine tool appraisal

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The SK7432 × that development of limited company of Shaanxi Hanjiang machine tool develops grinder of worm of 20 cylindrical grinder, S7720A passed × of grinder of grinder of guide screw of 40 numerical control, plug guage of SG7103 high accuracy, M1432 a few days ago appraisal of achievement of science and technology. The expert of appraisal committee thinks: Above 4 new products detect each the result is eligible, accord with regulation of national relevant specification, product classics user is used, report is favorable. Products plan is advanced, the construction is reasonable, motion is smooth and reliable, the operation is adjusted convenient, the parameter such as machine tool precision, function achieves design requirement. Appraisal committee thinks, 4 new products achieved above domestic advanced level, fill home is blank. CNC Milling