Improve treatment efficiency: Cutting speed

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In metallic cutting treatment, improving treatment efficiency is one of main goals that a lot of people pursue. And raising cutting rate is a when improve cutting efficiency very efficient way. 100 years since, through the ceaseless effort of cutting expert, material of mainstream cutting tool was passed from high-carbon steel (cutting speed is 5m/min) , high-speed steel about (cutting speed is 20m/min) , hard alloy about (cutting speed is cutting tool of hard alloy of 80m/min) , coating about (present cutting speed is a few phase such as 200m/min) about, cutting efficiency got huge rises. The steel with 1m of 65mm of a diameter, length turning is exemple, cost 100 minutes about 100 years before, and present mainstream treatment method needs 1 minute only about. Because add what work efficiency leads to mention, the person that the metal processes trade also was obtained reach its considerable economic benefits. Some valve factory has undertaken the craft of bore of flange of a valve is improved. This factory uses high-speed steel twist drill for a long time to machine the snail keyhole on this flange formerly, treatment efficiency has become his to produce the bottleneck that can rise. But they are efficient to using but Lv of impeach of dislocation broach heart, because but the high-speed steel bit that the price of dislocation broach cutter hub is using than them is more than 10 times taller, of broach of besides high-speed steel but blade wears a number not much, use but the economy of dislocation broach not quite ideal perhaps. Undertaking a series of after experiment and analysis, as a result of,we see of cutting efficiency rise, treatment man-hour decreases greatly, share drops greatly in the cost on every workpiece, cost cost also has the pass the time in a leisurely way of cutting tool decrease, because this managing finished cost pays with respect to enough,purchase on their weekday but the fee that place of dislocation broach cutter hub needs. Pottery and porcelain of dragon of A)KC9110 B) contest pursues life of cutting tool of KC635M of hard alloy of fine grained of A) of material of 1 contemporary cutting tool: 25min B) exceeds life of cutting tool of KC637M of fine grained hard alloy: 70min pursues HRC62 of hard steel of 2 treatment temper by dipping in water wears away the development of material of comparative cutting tool and coating technology, machine efficiency to rise, reduced production cost to offer a technology to ensure. For example, belong to an offerred data to make clear according to Kennajin, in cutting steel when use its KC9110 material will be opposite likely character treatment efficiency is extremely helpful: Of KC9110 in lukewarm CVD and the film total ply that common CVD comprises achieve 24 μ M, among them the alumina structure of α photograph is stable, performance is superior, and in the TiCN that lukewarm CVD forms eliminated the flimsy η phase between hard alloy matrix and alumina film layer greatly and the binding energy power that enhanced velar layer, can raise cutting rate substantially thereby; The hard alloy base material that cobalt strengthens undertook buildup to the point tenacity of cutting tool again, raised feed rate thereby: Its point still undertook polishing after coating, reduce thereby cut the attrition between bits and razor blade, reduce felt tatty to happen, improve cutting tool life. The treatment that is in American some enterprise is effective in, because the synchronism of cutting speed and feed speed rises, the treatment charge of this working procedure by nearly 3 original.

Acute of 70 thousand dollar decreases inadequacy 0.

90 thousand dollar, drop extent exceeds 75% . Another example is Kennajin belongs to trade name to call " contest dragon " Xu Jing adds material of pottery and porcelain of pliable but strong. The bases of material of cutting tool of this kind of pottery and porcelain is Al2O3 and ZrO2, and than be 20 ~ with long way the SiC brilliant beard of 200 times undertakes adding pliable but strong. When this kind needs brilliant to be expanded in cutting tool of pottery and porcelain by torque load and crackle, rise effectively diversionary the action with obstruct, and the effect that also can have even load when load is centered. When into travelling wave sound 777 engine secure phonic high temperature milling, the nickel that faces hardness to be 28HRC base alloy, its cutting speed is as high as 1310m/min, feed speed is in 2000mm/min, help enterprise reduces treatment cycle from 45 hours, rose to machine efficiency substantially thereby. Hard alloy granularity also has not little effect to cutting tool function. When the oil hard data of milling 62HRC, the cutting tool of 25min of treatment of KC635M of fine grained hard alloy wears away with the cutting tool that exceeds KC637M of fine grained hard alloy to machine 70min quite, the specification is machining hard data side, the wearability that exceeds KC637M of fine grained hard alloy is near 3 times taller than KC635M of fine grained hard alloy. CNC Milling