Efficient treatment small part

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Alfing Kessler company (the site of factory: AAlen) supplies the market with double axis and AK402 of four-axle machining center and AK204 for years. This kind is machined for connecting rod and the machine tool of development will return OK at processing another some of work applying henceforth. So, besides connecting rod, also can use at treatment to turn to a section, swing of pedestal and engine a few otherer spare parts. Graph 1: ? Machining center of? AL204 of  of Yi of Di of knowledge of Gu   can design 2 axes, 3 axes or 4 axes machine tool, basically use at the compensation of axis of Z of spare parts of efficient treatment small norms. Graph 2: ? Can undertake correction on axis of Zuo of fleabane of children's hair of mother crucian carp through controlling a system. The manufacturing efficiency basis of contemporary level in recent years analysis of experience, surveyor's pole and user seek advice from the series of machining center structure that makes new development high speed and much rod. Exhibited on metallic treatment exhibition > AL204<(pursues 1 with graph 2) machining center, achieve the exercise of all coordinate axis on four-axle machine tool first through direct drive, in the meantime, every main shaft passes a sleeve of oneself to have drive alone in Z axis. Additional, the machine tool is had remarkable tall trends is characteristic. Axial speed amounts to 180m/min, acceleration achieves 20m/s2, cut bits to be 3 seconds to the time that cuts bits. And have the aid of is placed at NC- circumgyrate dish workpiece exchange comes true inside 2 seconds time. In addition, use the structure that declares patent according to, came true to be the axial span of 200mm only. The capacity of knife library is 120 cutting tool, i.e. every main shaft store have 30 cutting tool. As option, the reserve capacity of knife library cutting tool is OK augment arrives 320 blade holder. Electric main shaft can offer installation HSK-63 knife handle, 16000r/min of turn up of highest main shaft. The starting time of main shaft is 0.

4 seconds. When torsion is 70Nm, main shaft most high-power amounts to 58KW. The user can select the control system of Fanuc and Siemens manufacturer. According to the specification of manufactory home, AL204 machining center agrees with use high accuracy and efficient treatment aluminium spare parts of qualitative small norms, if ABS(is prevented,hold dead brake in the arms) -- clamp of body of control box, a powerful person, apply the brake. In the meantime, the structure of the machine tool can realize the dry treatment of workpiece, in addition, the problem moving a knife that still solved traditional four-axle to machine a machine tool on this kind of machine tool. The deepness measure that maintains Z axis cutting tool is on traditional four-axle machine tool, often want have the aid of to undertake moving a knife at high accuracy to Dao Yi, and this kind expends time to produce an error easily again already to the knife. On AL204 machining center, it is the compensation that the correction in adopting NC program will come to realize Z axis, move pair of knives in order to replace the hand of machine tool of treatment of tradition much axis. Modular outside the structure of main shaft sleeve that the much breed that can realize a machine tool becomes independent besides 4, modular structure also allows implementation to use common sleeve structure, this applies to 3 axes likewise or 2 axes machining center. Also can use the drive means of ball guide screw, at this moment, its axis speed still often can achieve 90m/min. During the metal in Dusaierduofu machines exhibition, alfing Kessler company made excellent report to AL204 machining center, on exhibition, a few already used much rod in their production the user of machining center, pay close attention to AL204 machining center particularly. CNC Milling