Strength of research and development of homebred mould steel is badly in need of increasing

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In last few years, as the swift and violent development of Chinese mould industry, provided a huge market for homebred mould steel, of the yield that drove domestic mould steel, breed, norms and quality standard rise. Development of development of industry of our country metallurgy and the steel that introduced place of many mould industry to need are planted, but no matter homebred mould steel still satisfies the requirement of domestic mould market entirely hard on breed or quality. Provide steel to be with Leng Zunmo exemple, at present our country has steel of Cr12, Cr12MoV, CrWMn only. In the Cr12MoV steel of our country, the content of molybdenum and vanadium is inferior, than D2 steel integral performance is differred. CrWMn contains carbon the volume is higher, and do not contain vanadium, produce serious meshy carbide easily, influence performance characteristics. The tendency that abroad develops to high accuracy, standardization according to cold stamping workpiece nowadays, developed high-powered mould steel already, have sclerotic steel OCM, DC53, Vasco, Die 2 times among them; Blaze quenchs steel SX10570L; Empty temper by dipping in water is small be out of shape steel A4. Our country of these new-style mould steel also are badly in need of developing development. Homebred heat makes mould steel be put in difference likewise, at present our country general profiled bar is planted in have 2 steel grade only. And abroad is planted besides general profiled bar outside, developed the variety such as YHD3, H26 newly still. The difference of plastic mould steel is bigger. With respect to breed character, at present national level only a steel grade, and the United States has 7 steel grade, and formed the wholer set that use steel. In addition, pattern company produced an enterprise to still raise a few specific requirements to mould steel: 1.

The modern mould plant that home builds is right mould steel (module) the demand that has heat treatment and machine treatment normally. If heat up mould steel to ask heat treatment and 6 machine are machined; The round horn precision of steel of flat look mould asks to be less than 0.

5mm; Plastic mould asks the attune after finish machining pledges condition offers money normally, etc. But these ask at present a few steelworks still are satisfied entirely hard. 2.

To mould steel the time that offer money raises taller requirement. Fast rhythm, modernization is produced, requirement mould production cycle is very short, control in 30 days commonly. Be designed among them and get the materials ready period do not exceed 10 days, ask to undertake at the same time. The date of delivery of steel of this requirement mould is only the deadline below 5 skies, and mould production business is main to mould steel it is executive " 0 inventory " manages mode, where day flies a model, where day is bought makings. This must satisfy what final user modernization produces to feed embryo demand with respect to requirement steelworks. 3.

Requirement steelworks is made to mould steel quality and service life assure and acceptance. The mould treatment cost as a result of contemporary, large, complex, macrobian life is extremely high, because this manufacturer is right,mould steel quality and its service life pay close attention to very, aux would rather floriferous money, also should ensure rolled steel quality. If home cannot be satisfied, their would rather is imported from abroad. According to guarding estimation, 2005 consumption of domestic mould steel at least 500 thousand tons, among them, the market is tremendous, but production industry of domestic mould steel wants amid holds larger share, must develop the time with greater fluctuation in scientific research development, technical reformation, market. CNC Milling