Planar grinder heads the development of workbench of small feed of the function that measure power

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Summary: Developed the tape that is used at mirror grinding of nicety of hard fragile data to measure workbench of force function small feed. This workbench realizes minim feed with electrostriction sensor, have volume it is small, good to make convenient, dependability, resolution is advanced characteristic, offerred advantage to realize the mirror grinding of hard fragile data. 1 foreword is aimed at mechanism of mirror grinding of hard fragile data, want to obtain hard fragile data exceed smooth grinding to machine the surface, must come true enough small treatment purify unit, because this was developed,can measure the workbench of planar grinder small feed of radial load. This small feed workbench basically divides composition by 3: Sensor of accurate drive power source, electrostriction reachs small feed orgnaization. Its job principle is: Below action of outer electric field, electrostriction sensor happens tiny adjustable, drive small feed workbench to realize minim feed. The design of workbench of 2 small feed and graph of its job principle 1 be small feed workbench suffer force to be out of shape muscle simplifies graph. Its suffer power position to be equivalent to the circumstance when power getting among double fixed end carriage. Workbench body shares 4 paragraphs small to be out of shape muscle. In simplify the double fixed end carriage that two parallel are equivalent to in principle graph, be out of shape if the graph is shown 2 times,curved quadrature pursues, force F is in the center of bridge. Muscle produces the electrostriction effect metabolize that uses sensor minim deformation, make mesa of small feed job makes the tiny feed of high accuracy thereby. By the graph 2 knowable, the deflection that bridge centrally is in is the biggest, in be Fmax=Fl192EJ(1)J=1bh32(2) type, fmax is be out of shape the biggest deflection of muscle; F is active force: J is inertial quadrature; E is stretch model quantity; L is be out of shape muscle length; H is be out of shape muscle ply; B is be out of shape muscle width. Graph 1 workbench suffers force to be out of shape muscle simplifies sketch map graph secures end carriage 2 pairs to be out of shape as a result of,curved quadrature pursues of electrostriction component stretchy as finite as limits getting power, want school nucleus when be designed to be out of shape the appearance of muscle undertakes so its are in electrostriction component is stretchy to the biggest when, the action in the to electrostriction component counterforce after be out of shape component is out of shape and treatment process should not exceed this component at the grinding force the sum of workpiece can susceptive is the biggest pressure, have certain safety factor. When press press of sensor of the C060210A of the American AVX firm that uses now electrostriction, allow most it is 750N energetically, the largest stretchy amount is 15µm. Considering certain safety factor, in be out of shape the biggest the force when should not exceed 500N, the displacement that because this is OK,asks by generation of the biggest 500N getting power will calculate be out of shape the dimension of muscle. Of this small feed workbench be out of shape component is out of shape by 4 paragraphs small muscle is formed. Be out of shape the length of muscle should appropriate, length crosses small conference to bring about the stress when be out of shape component deflection increases to increase too quickly. Consult the dimension size of jiggle device, make choice of be out of shape the length of muscle 10mm. After be out of shape the length of muscle and width decide according to the size of minim feed orgnaization, the deflection F(accession that can arise according to the hope moves quantity) computation goes out be out of shape the ply of muscle (contain certain safety factor) . The parameter Fmax of electrostriction component is 15µm, fmax is 750N, according to type (1) , (2) , computational hind is out of shape muscle grows × wide × to be 1mm of × of 10mm × 5mm high certainly, be out of shape right now of muscle be out of shape fight force to be 252N. Be out of shape every produce muscle namely of 1µm deflection fight force for 16.

8N. And mirror grinding environment issues nicety of hard on MM7120A grinder fragile data, in double journey force of the grinding when the biggest feed is 3µm is less than 50N. Tighten force to also have 100N only beforehand to what what electrostriction sensor adds. Accordingly, the power that electrostriction component place gets is less than 500N. 1.

Motherboard 2.

Workbench body 3.

Tighten screw beforehand 4.

Locknut 5.

Steel ball 6.

Electrostriction sensor 7.

Force transducer tightens screw beforehand 8.

Force transducer 9.

Appear on the stage face 10.

Sealed cover 11.

Clamping apparatus platform pursues sketch map of workbench of small feed of 3 electrostriction type pursues the workbench of 3 electrostriction type small feed that are new design. The noumenon of this device and flexibility are out of shape component and feed part are one whole structure. It is sealed outside device, prevent electrostriction component to be in grinding process be affected with damp be affected with damp. Because electrostriction sensor does not have generation of quantity of heat basically in metabolic moment, so nonexistent medicinal powder hot issue. The assembly in workbench in the process, it is certain to need to be added to electrostriction sensor tighten force beforehand, the repetition that lest work,the between each interface contact stiffness in the process affects small feed precision. This device uses to tighten bolt adjustment to tighten force beforehand beforehand in electrostriction sensor back end, convenient and reliable. The size that tightens force beforehand wants proper. Too big, work the biggest limit that the join forces that the sensor in the process gets may exceed it and be crushed, too small come true to eliminate gap completely hard and the influence repeats precision. Make clear through computation, be out of shape of muscle be out of shape fight force and deflection to become direct ratio, and the deflection of every 1µm fights force for 16.

8N. The permission of sensor is the biggest pressure is 750N, the condition of the sensor in considering working course and get power, try to its of 100N tighten force beforehand. Bolt will be tightened to be locked up dead beforehand with locknut after to load is finished. To avoid sensor two end get power rough travel, terminally can be achieved with ball of a steel what tighten force beforehand is automatic to the heart. In working process, electrostriction sensor is stretchy below the action of voltage, drive above be out of shape component generation flexibility is out of shape, realize minim feed. Manage together, in rigging a process, certain to measuring force transducer to also want to add tighten force beforehand, so that make,measure force transducer and the motion when be out of shape muscle is the same as. The parameter requirement of sensor tightens force beforehand to what its add 20N. Adjust first one of 4 bolt, make sensor suffers force to be 5N, adjust next the bolt of position of this bolt diagonal, make sensor suffers force to be 10N, adjust again the 3rd bolt, make sensor suffers force to be 15N, adjust again the last bolt makes sensor suffers force to be 20N, criterion every bolt suffers force to all be 5N. Be in electrostriction sensor and measure force transducer to add order should note when tightening force beforehand. Answer to tighten force beforehand to measuring force transducer to add first namely, measure force transducer to go up otherwise tighten force to be able to tighten solid bolt to be added on electrostriction sensor through 4 beforehand, change electrostriction sensor to go up thereby tighten force beforehand. The structural characteristic of this small feed workbench has: Flexibility is out of shape component is made by integral material, avoided the contact between the spare parts to face stiffness and dynamic and characteristic influence: Jiggle relies on to be out of shape muscle flexibility is out of shape implementation, deflection very the hour is nonexistent plasticity is out of shape, assured to repeat precision: Add to electrostriction component through steel ball tighten force beforehand, those who avoided to tighten force direction beforehand is deflective and adjust convenient and reliable: In can machining a process online measure grinding power: Size is small, the structure is simple, use convenient. (A) has negative charge (50N)(b) pursues without bear voltage of device of 4 small feed - displacement graph the debugs this small feed workbench demarcate of workbench of 3 small feed is to rely on inductance to measure small appearance to come true. Demarcate process has below the experimental condition of imitate grinding process. Be opposite respectively have load (50N) and the circumstance that do not have load undertake demarcate. In demarcate process, make as a result of the arrearage phenomenon with electrostriction inherent component of calibrational curve go Cheng and return trip part cannot complete be identical, but photograph margin value is very little and basic and constant, attribute normal phenomenon, do not affect experimental result basically. Graph the voltage of 4 small feed device that measure for the experiment - displacement curve. Can see by the graph have affect to curvilinear appearance without load very small, the position in coordinate department has distinction a bit. Because electrostriction sensor is in-house,this is by a lot of crystal chip felt and into, there is space between each chip, plus crystal itself be out of shape, when bringing about the master piece outside having to use, when the electrostriction quantity of sensor is ladener than notting have a bit small. The performance of the electrostriction component that can think device is medium is good, realize small displacement steadily. We had gotten above if experimental data curve pursues 4. But the existence as a result of experimental error, measure data to also existing necessarily error, the relation as a result of ideal electrostriction sensor voltage and displacement should be linear, because this sets the linear equation that begs to be Y=a1x+a2, because of,the expression that has planning to close point-blank getting A1, A2 with the least square method is this A1, a2 is best-fitting gives linear data parameter, beg the 1=0 that go out according to this experimental result.

10, a2=-1.

54. Get the linear equation that close is what drafting then: Y=0.


54. Among them X is worth for voltage, y is displacement value. 4 epilogue are based on the accurate mirror grinding that realizes hard fragile data to must come true steadily enough the little demand that processes purify unit, developed the belt with very good dependability to measure workbench of force function small feed, measured small appearance to undertake demarcate to its with inductance. Its are perpendicular the resolution of directional small feed can be amounted to 0.

01µm, this is the resolution decision that measures small appearance by uses inductance. In the job henceforth, be like necessary can undertake new demarcate to its, further development studies and perfect this small feed workbench. CNC Milling