If why is smell of cutting fluid metamorphism handled

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The main reason of smell of cutting fluid metamorphism is: A large number of bacteria are contained in cutting fluid, the bacterium in cutting fluid basically has bacterium of bad news oxygen and bacterium of oxygen of be disgusted with. Bacterium of bad news oxygen lives in having mineral environment, like the inspissation of fluid of water, cutting fluid is mixed in the oil of machine tool leakage, below condition having oxygen, every 20 -- 30min dissension is 2. And in the environment that bacterium of oxygen of be disgusted with gives birth to existence to do not have oxygen, horary dissension is 2, metabolization releases a SO2, have smelly egg taste, cutting fluid blackens. When cutting fluid medium bacterium is more than 106 when, cutting fluid can become smelly. (Does 1) bacterium basically enter the: in cutting fluid through the following channel?  of ∨ ping washing with watercolors denounces drought of Tao of Xing of soul of Min of  of octogenarian of order of  of apricot Xing Fu washing with watercolors to be  of Fu of  apricot Xing! ] body of Tao of Xing of Na of  of  of the Fu austral palm  instrument! " Lai of Gong of ぜ  ば mires raw meat or fish of mother of drought of Tao of Xing of Shan of  cough Fei is used up! 〔 Zhuang Kun knocks at  of leaf of Bian of  of Lu of Mou Huanjia Ang  a huge legendary turtle! "  cloth I guide Lai that Qian alkyne Sui! The method that?2) control bacterium grows uses the cutting liquid with high quality, good stability. Make up with pure water condense fluid, not only it is easy to make up, and the lubricity of ameliorable cutting fluid, and decrease to be cut the quantity that bits takes away, can prevent a bacterium to erode. When using, the rate that fluid condenses in wanting to control cutting fluid cannot pass low, make the bacterium grows easily otherwise. The bacterium is contained in using oil as a result of machine tool place, should reduce the fluid of oily interfuse cutting of machine tool leakage as far as possible so. The PH value of cutting fluid is in 8.

3 -- 9.

2 when, the bacterium lives hard, answer to add new cutting juice in time so, raise PH cost. Maintain the cleanness of cutting fluid, do not make cutting fluid and corrupt the contamination contact such as oily, food, tobacco. Often use antiseptic. Maintain the cleanness of workshop and machine tool. If equipment did not filter device, answer to cast aside the oil that eliminate float regularly, cleared contamination. Of cutting fluid corrode problem   (the scale on the low side that fluid place condenses to occupy in the reason cutting fluid that 1) generation corrodes. Exorbitant or the PH cost of cutting fluid is too low. For example PH > 9.

2 when, have to aluminium corrode action. Answer to choose appropriate PH value according to metallic stuff so. The metallic stuff with Nextpage not similar   is contacted. Put work with paper or wood mat. Component is folded put. The amount of the bacterium in cutting fluid exceeds bid. The humidity of working environment is too high. (The method that 2) prevention and cure corrodes makes up cutting fluid with pure water, and the scale of cutting fluid should use the commendation in cutting fluid manual by place the value is used. Below the circumstance of need, want to use antirust liquid. Control bacterial amount, avoid bacterial generation. Check humidity, notice the humidity that controls working environment is inside likely range. Want to avoid cutting fluid to be polluted. Want to avoid not similar material to contact, if aluminium is mixed steel, cast-iron (contain magnesium) wait with copper. When generation foamy problem is using cutting liquid, sometimes cutting fluid surface can produce a large number of foam. (1) generation foamy is main the fluid area of reason cutting fluid is too small. The velocity of flow of cutting fluid is too rapid, bleb spills over without time, accumulate more more, bring about many bubble generation. The right angle in cistern design is too much, or the nozzle angle of cutting fluid is too straight. (2) avoids to produce foamy method to cool in concentration in the system, pipeline classifications series connection, answer from the pipeline pressure with cooling close box a few lower. The fluid face that assures cutting fluid does not want too low, check fluid face height in time, add cutting juice in time. Velocity of flow of control cutting fluid does not want too fast. When designing cistern, should notice cistern right angle is not too much. Should notice when use cutting fluid angle of cutting fluid nozzle does not want too straight. CNC Milling