How to optimize milling to machine medium feed speed

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Going up first phase " center of Shanteweikekeleman application " in the column, we introduced to be in milling treatment, how prolong cutting tool life through optimizing cutting method. Feed speed is the main factor that affects treatment efficiency and cutting tool life, in this period we will be discussed together with you in column how to optimize feed speed. Feed speed machines efficiency except immediate impact besides, also be one of crucial factors that affect cutting tool life. The computational formula of feed speed is as follows: Feed of workbench of Fz Vf= of × of Vf=n × Zn (Mm/min) rotate speed of N= main shaft (R/min) feed of every tine of Fz= of Zn= tine number (Mm/ Tooth) can see from formula, to given for milling cutter, age the case with number and main shaft particular rotate speed falls, every age feed Fz decided the discretion of feed speed directly. How to age to every feed Fz assigns a reasonable numerical value? We must consider the impact of Hex of the biggest ply that cut bits and Fz, because to given for milling cutter, sure have a reasonable Hex and its collocation, and Hex and Fz are not simple one to one correspondence relation. We establish milling cutter to be with square shoulder below exemple, from every tine feed the relation of Fz and Hex sets out, will discuss prolong cutting tool life, raise the way that machines efficiency. We had carried first phase before: Milling is cutting blade cut ceaselessly with the circular course that cuts a work, milling cutter is used general (radial) when feed, the forms ply that cut bits is constant change (insert mill / axial feed forms the constant ply that cut bits) , and the ply of the thick that cut bits namely Hex. To milling, two elements can affect the relation of Hex and Fz. One is cutting (milling) the ratio Ae/Dc of width Ae and Dc of milling cutter diameter (cut wide factor) ; Another is the Kr of tool cutting edge angle of milling cutter. We discuss the Ae/Dc effect to Fz first. Be aimed at different Ae/Dc, can divide roughly for following 3 kinds of circumstances: (1) tankful milling: When cutting is in to the center, the ply that cut bits and every tine feed are equal, right now, hex=fz, most but the value of the smallest Hex of dislocation razor blade should is 0.

1mm (2) Ae/Dc>50% : The commendation that Ae/Dc=70% is face milling cutter cutting position. Bit is cut fashionable, the ply that cut bits is close to every tine feed (0.

9 × Fz) , bit cuts work directly, avoided the generation of attrition. Can assure the life of bit not only, and can efficiency of give attention to two or morethings. (3) Ae/Dc<50% : Right now, the biggest ply that cut bits (Hex) the position that cutting, hex of the biggest ply that cut bits is less than every tine feed Fz, the feed of cutting tool center is Fz =0.

1mm, the true the biggest ply that cut bits is less than 0.

1mm. Quite (2) and (3) visible, because of Ae/Dc different, fz can not bring identical every tine feed Hex of identical the biggest ply that cut bits. In the light of Ae/Dc far be less than the circumstance of 50% , must corresponding accretion Fz, ability obtains reasonable Hex to be worth. We hope Hex is achieved 0.

1mm, and in Ae/Dc far be less than 50% when, if feed still is Fz=0.

1mm, right now Hex leaves affirmation 0.

1mm differs further. Through raising the every tine feed of cutting tool Fz can solve this problem. Accordingly, computational formula should do the feed rate that we mention in article begin to be revised accordingly, in order to acquire reasonable efficiency and cutting tool life: × of Zn of Vf= N × (Hex × amends coefficient 1) Ae/Dc is less than 25% when, should amend feed to obtain the optimal ply that cut bits. Should use chamfer of mill of 3 blade milling cutter, when perhaps establishing sidewall of mill of milling cutter essence, because Ae/Dc is lesser, must adjust Fz right now, ability obtains reasonable Hex. Another influencing factor is the Kr of tool cutting edge angle of milling cutter, when tool cutting edge angle is less than 90 ° , hex of the biggest ply that cut bits can be less than every tine feed Fz, to obtain reasonable Hex value, must raise Fz accordingly. Because this feed formula needs to multiply again,with another correction coefficient 2 ability can obtain correct Fz: × of Zn of × of Vf = N (Hex × amends coefficient 2) the formula of feed speed computation that article begin mentions is amended through two, final formula is as follows × of Zn of Vf =n × (1 × amends Hex × correction coefficient coefficient 2) optimize treatment process, include cutting method already optimize, also include cutting parameter optimize, the purpose that optimizes cutting parameter obtains Hex of reasonable the biggest ply that cut bits namely, this also is milling cutter whether the key of regular job. CNC Milling