The database in numerical control machine tool the research of the layer

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System of framework of numerical control static state is 3 in the cent on static framework design: Database layer, intermediate layer reachs user layer. What the database uses is Oracle 9i, what database model uses is EDM.

Intermediate layer uses Sun V890 to regard Tomcat and Apache application as the server, at the same time the server with an identical configuration regards backup as the server, be in advocate what can assure to apply when server occurrence breakdown is uninterrupted. All application are joined configuration arrives on TWS, provide user identity test and verify, limits of authority by TWS control, type, the navigation of processing, forms for reporting statistics and management. User layer uses IE6.

The browser of 0 versions above uses this system through the user attestation of TWS. Fall oneself up ordinal design is whole system 4: Database memory layer, data is abiding change layer, business logic layer and Web to express a layer. What the database stores the layer is deposited is true Oracle database. In data abiding change a layer, concern Java object and database one by one map rises, in the process that carries out in the system, the user is to carry an operation data is abiding the corresponding target that changes a layer will operate a database. Business logic layer is the business logic that uses the user that finish. This and before traditional process designing thinking is consistent. Web states on the level basically is the interface of the user, it offers user and system to be operated interactively directly. The mutual correlation of 4 levels adopts whole system namely Spring container will coordinate and be finished. In Spring configuration file, configured concerned database and data abiding the relation; that changes a layer was configured abiding the relation that the relation; that changes layer and business logic layer configured business logic layer and Web to express a layer. In this system, web states the layer undertakes administrative through Struts frame above all, next Spring joins Struts as Web frame the business that is based on Spring is durable change a layer. CNC Milling