Traditional measure get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh extends applied domain

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In producing the business that is a feature with batch, with the traditional mechanical that measures at the relevant parameter such as the aperture inside workpiece, whorl measure is like special gauge to wait, heretofore still occupies position firm between working procedure. Although this kind of phenomenon still can last for a long time, but the function to traditional mechanical measure is extended and get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh is undertaking all the time. A variety of original mechanical measure that appear in recent years already won application in industry of domestic and international automobile, reflect the development trend that gave traditional mechanical measure from which. The article basically introduces check of two kinds of whorl to measure measure. Graph the special gauge of test point of working procedure of 1 job shops steps into engine of a modern car the machine of the factory job shops, you are mixed in the automation product line with advanced exclaim digitlization is online detect equipment while, hair of regular also meeting is existing quite between quantitative park working procedure, arrange orderly special gauge (1) seeing a picture. The has metrical to the relevant parameter such as the aperture inside workpiece, whorl traditional mechanical measure after these at rough machining, semifinishing machining using already existed a lot of years, during this, although online detect the technology obtained rapid development, many new-style quantity appearance already applied at actual production, but afore-mentioned special gauge still occupy position firm in the enterprise. In view of measure of this kind of traditional mechanical (especially whorl gauge) cheap of simple and intuitionistic, reliable price, in the spot very big effect had in detecting quickly, accordingly afore-mentioned states still can last undoubtedly go down. But this is not meant invariable, to traditional mechanical the function of measure is extended and get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh had undertaken old, a few kinds of when roll out novel products already won more and more application in industry of domestic and international automobile. Two kinds of new-style gauge that with Yu Luo grain measures and special measuring instrument introduce below. The bore of limitation workpiece classics of plug guage of whorl of tradition of compasses of deepness of screw of 1 reading type and attack a tooth (silk) hind, must undertake controlling to screw deepness, although its common difference is bigger (it is tens of silk commonly, amount to 1mm above) even, but measure very no-go. Normally the practice is will special gauge (plug guage) the mill of lever department section that tells end is flat, make a step, form the control dividing line of hole depth. But in be being operated actually, this kind of method produces monitoring effect effectively hard, when the aperture that detects when the need on workpiece especially is in the position that sees clear border not easily. Machine craft to ask to the control of screw deepness to satisfy, when a lot of domestic and international enterprises are undertaking bore, tap, often deepen than rating 10% more even, spent more finished cost thereby. Another limitation of traditional plug guage is adaptability is differred. Although the aperture be measuringed on component or whorl are identical, want deepness only each different, must provide different gauge, and in casing kind in the spare parts, the situation with different hole depth is very much, because this is those who satisfy production to need, must deploy a large number of plug guage, increased to cost is thrown and manage difficulty thereby. It is with the mainstream car engine of a kind of Europe exemple, the screw that its need to measure is 99, have 4 kinds of different whorl specifications only, but corresponding screw deepness has 10 however a variety of, this kind of situation is quite general. The patent product that company of Leitech of Denmark of compasses of deepness of screw of type of Leitech series reading develops -- breakthrough that compasses of deepness of reading type screw is pair of traditional whorl plug guage, its are the biggest the characteristic is can numerate conveniently the actual measurement value of hole depth, and can use same gauge to detect identical whorl but the screw of different deepness. Undoubted, this series product also can be extended conveniently use at general smooth Kong Ce to measure, the commonnest is to cooperate whorl aperture to measure, use at detecting the whorl bottom outlet of workpiece. In addition, this product has combined-type characteristic, gauge noumenon and whorl measure a head to use fission type structure, measure a head to be able to realize gauge to change conveniently through changing model or update. Leitech series product includes 3 kinds of type (2) seeing a picture. Among them, a kind graph 2c is traditional gauge only outspread, after the difference depends on using fission type structure only, but through changing whorl measures a head to finish gauge shift conveniently, make same noumenon can get used to a gauge different measurement demand, use to the user thereby bring convenient. Graph 2a, 2b is compasses of deepness of reading type whorl, former for nicety model, latter is common model, the working principle of both is similar. Differ with traditional gauge, compasses of deepness of reading type whorl measures head and noumenon in whorl (handle) between have but the scale canister of slippage. The solid that measure a head is repeatedly on noumenon, fall in free condition (be not the) when measuring, the end panel before the scale canister after passing corrective, setting will be close to the top that measures a head very much. Come back an end of gauge to be measured screw, scale canister enters noumenon gradually, should measure when the head arrives at whorl terminus and can no more be being entered, pass the deepness information that gives screw namely. Right now, the reading that goes up through scale canister can reflect a screw depth in real time, if pursue,medium reading 20mm is 2b to be measured namely screw deepness (did not express workpiece) . Nicety as main as medium-sized distinction depended on raising final sorting machine of a reading compose, its job principle and vernier calipers are identical, have the aid of at this orgnaization, deepness reading value is readable to 0.

1mm(is common model can achieve only 0.

5mm) . Nicety another characteristic is to contain locking device, can make scale is worth a lock to be in surely the position that be measured, also can lock up beforehand in the scale position of set calm. The place before be like is narrated, on workpiece wait for measure screw to often be in the position that detect not easily and sees clear reading, and use locking device, can measuring finish reading of travel of the reentry after taking out gauge. Compasses of deepness of screw of type of reading of series of graph 2 Leitech pursues the changes to measure a head with calibration gauge before changing to be like with calibration place that 3 gauge whorl measures a head is narrated, because Leitech gauge used original fission type structure, when because this needs to change when the user,measuring an object, need to change only corresponding whorl measures a head, use to connecting end to make can be thrown after calibration. Change when measuring a head, the sleeve that provides Leitech company covers what measure a head into whorl to tell end, screw one nut measuring a head to go up, sticking sleeve end panel to screw, reoccupy spanner will measure a head to twist piece (3a) seeing a picture, the whorl that expects with soft dough modeling hammer into shape will be new next measures a head to cross scale canister to knock gauge noumenon gently inside, finished namely measure a head to change (3b) seeing a picture. A when offer with Leitech company special tool will realize the school criterion that gauge deepness is worth, it is one takes calibration dish cylinder, make according to different need on its end panel have many columnar opening, correspondence measures a head at different whorl. When calibration, rotate the alignment of pressing with a finger that dial lets his go up is worth by the pitch of school gauge, such with respect to set an accurate deepness is worth (all be 10mm) surely. Screw off the locking bolt of end stop a side with small spanner first next, again an end gauge (GO) puts the Kong Zhong with corresponding calibrator, hold tighten and rotate the end stop of gauge (NOT GO) , the reticle that lets gauge scale canister go up aims 10mm place (3c) seeing a picture, namely calibration deepness value all chooses 10mm. Screw finally the locking bolt of end stop a side, the calibration that achieved values of pair of whorl gauge deepness namely (3d) seeing a picture. If operate adroitness, finish afore-mentioned processes to need 2 ~ 3 minutes only. Compare nevertheless under, the ground of this function more of Leitech gauge is to be used at changing to measure a head newly, measure a head to give to using the whorl that already wore away after period of time or produces other damage namely change. Pattern of this kind of measure management can reduce cost greatly, not only reduced measure to discard as useless, updated investment, also reduced day-to-day management cost. The advantage that use effect uses this kind of new-style gauge basically reflects in: Reduced manufacturing cost, those who include industry measure use up; Decreased detect between working procedure time; Because reduced gauge amount, reduced administrative cost. With in engine of the small car that discharge an amount is exemple, the whorl norms of the crucial part such as lid of its cylinder body, crock is not much, basically be M6, M8, M10 and M12, but the deepness of on every spare parts a few screw (include whorl bottom outlet) have 10 however a variety of or more. According to the case that a company that already used Leitech whorl gauge in the round provides, when traditional gauge is being used previously, measure a cylinder body that has about a hundred norms of 4 kinds of whorl, screw to cost 71 minutes. After using new-style gauge, not only gauge amount decreases greatly, and measure time to shorten. Graph 4 inside, outside whorl sketch map 2 whorl parameter is special measuring instrument general situation pursues 4 tagged partial parameter for a paragraph inside, outside whorl sketch map. Among them, screw center diameter (the basic parameter that Pitch Diameter) is decision whorl quality. Current, domestic and international enterprise is opposite in manufacturing site of workpiece whorl examine to use ultimate gauge mostly, use whorl annulus, plug guage respectively namely external, inside whorl undertakes detecting. The insufficient place of law of proved recipe of this kind of qualitative check is unavailable whorl the real value of relevant parameter, and put normally the measuring projector in the room is measured in essence of life, measure chief instrument, tool microscope and even 3 coordinate are measured machine what do not suit to produce the spot again apparently is fast detect. In view of this one circumstance, american Johnson company developed product of novel, economic series of whorl measuring instrument, better solved afore-mentioned problems. This series measuring instrument basically has the following characteristic: Can measure the exact value of the diameter in giving screw center diameter and effect directly; Can measure a whorl oneself appearance (like taper, circularity) reaching an ascertain is elliptic form of much still arris; OK and qualitative detect the pitch of whorl and tooth form half horn, accurate give out source of error; Can measure go out to be fiducial relevant parameter with whorl (basically be form tolerancepublic errand) , be like: Coaxial is spent, jumpy, taper, (end panel) verticality. The main technique index of Johnson whorl measuring instrument is: Whorl measures range outside: 1 ~ 500mm, whorl measures range inside: 4.

5 ~ 500mm, resolution: 1µm, applicable grade of the workpiece that be measured: The medium precision whorl of 4 class, 5 class, 6 class. Like measuring metric of principle and hole depth of snail of Leitech reading type, johnson whorl measuring instrument also is to apply to batch to produce development, because this used everybody to measure a principle familiarly quite, namely corresponding at the part with same parameter of whorl of avery kind of (4) seeing a picture provides an accurate standard component, the instruction sheet reading of the measuring instrument is the deviation value of real work look to standard component. Graph 5, graph the measurement of the 6 whorl outside giving out principle. Among them, graph 5a and graph 6a mirrorred sheet to buckle in diameter (cutting technology website notes: Definition of level of this value state is onefold in diameter) measure a principle; The measurement that 6c of graph 5b and graph 6b, graph is the diameter in action principle. Well-known, screw center diameter is the most important in parameter of a lot of whorl. Current capacity appearance is measured those who go out is a tooth is medium diameter value, also can call " odd the diameter in buckling " (Pitch Diameter) , and be in to workpiece whorl full-length or the comprehensive assessment that quality makes inside a certain section uses the means in action (Function Size) expresses. See from graph 5a and graph 6a, the sheet of whorl is buckled outside in diameter is to use 3 to measure a head to measure in dish of form that circumferential and classy cent decorates. The top that measure a head shows echelon, its width is the Gu Kuan that whorl section line is in. Measure a head to show " article " the glyph is decorated, among them 2 are secured subjacent, form similar " V " model worn posture, the whorl that be measured is raised after its go up, those who be located in upper part measure a head to fall, embed begin to detect namely after same tooth whorl. The whorl outside measuring instrument of graph 5 Johnson measures principle A.

3 of the diameter in measuring sheet to buckle dish of form the B that measure a head.

The arc of two valve type of the diameter in measuring effect measures head C.

The cylinder of the diameter in measuring effect graph that measure a head of the diameter in action of the 6 whorl outside measuring a head to reach its to decorated 6c of means graph 5b and graph 6b, graph to give out measure a principle. The measurement of the diameter in be being buckled with sheet is different, not be to use dish of single entity to measure a head right now, however 2 kinds accurate whorl contains on its measure a head. The 1st kind is place of 6b of graph 5b, graph arc of shown two valve type measures a head, accurate whorl is contained inside arc; The 2nd kind of cylinder that is 3 independence whorl measures a head, its are decorated reach mode of operation and graph 6a are similar. The adoption width that measure a head depends on the specific requirement of the user, or program is offerred after understanding feature of the object that be measured by Johnson company. Why to no matter be,plant circumstance, the check that wants a design only is provided can make sure one group measures a reliable ground impaction to be in the whorl part of the workpiece that be measured, compare measurement technique through be intermediary with standard component, the diameter in be being buckled with respect to the sheet that obtains whorl well and truly is worth and the diameter in action is worth. Detect inside the working principle of whorl and outside whorl is basic and identical, only difference is to be when the diameter in measuring the sheet of small norms screw to buckle, as a result of inside aperture decorates 3 dish of form it is more difficult to measure a head, because this is used, is two valve type measures a head. The appearance that measures a head by dish deformation becomes a paragraph of arc, right to built-in the same tooth whorl of screw of the workpiece that be measured, one group of this kind of circumstance and the list of internal diameter volume that measure alveolus measures a head very alike. Detect the case when the diameter in the action of the whorl inside workpiece is similar, two valve type measures a head to apply to lesser screw (can refer to graph 8) . When workpiece whorl is in completely good position, odd the diameter in the diameter in buckling and action should equal, if unequal, show error of whorl parameter existence. But on the other hand, contrast through proper way both the deviation between, can distribute separate out pitch and tooth form secondhand again the error of half horn, implementation is qualitative to theirs detect. Thread machining means decided its are full-length half horn is worth tooth form of the part differ very small, and by the introduction in front knowable, detect " the diameter in action " measure a head to be made as identical as the workpiece that be measured accurate whorl (include tooth form half horn) . Through using already what the Johnson check of calibration provides is odd the diameter in buckling measures a head to be opposite first workpiece endmost one tooth is complete whorl undertakes metrical, reoccupy " the diameter in action " a side card that measures a head is made in the position that answers relatively measure, if both result is abhorrent, show half horn puts tooth body in deviation. The requirement is accorded with to reach pair of tooth form in the taper that affirms workpiece whorl part after the deviation of half horn understands somewhat, return the real case that can analyse pitch. The error of week red-letter day with gear is similar, pitch error also has the quality that accumulates an error, reason but first will " the diameter in action " a side that measures a head gets stuck in workpiece extreme 3 teeth of 2 ~ are in, after obtaining a reading, move upcountry again, increase tooth number of the contact, apparent, be like each reading all with first reading is very adjacent, show pitch error is very small, conversely bigger. Actually the essence of the diameter in action is workpiece whorl paragraph the comprehensive report of production quality, besides the mainest 3 essential factor -- in form of diameter, tooth outside half horn and pitch, still reflected the effect of the appearance error such as circularity, taper. Graph check of the whorl outside 7 table has a plan what check of the whorl inside 8 hand-held has measuring instrument of applied Johnson whorl is a lot of more phyletic, on the base that uses same job principle, can offer the most appropriate type according to the effective demand of the user. According to working way different, johnson whorl measuring instrument can be divided for table and hand-held two kinds. Graph the unit that check of the whorl outside the 7 table that represent a value to use an amount has lower part is used at measuring sheet to buckle in diameter, the unit of upper part is used at measuring the way in action. Graph 8 for the whorl inside hand-held the check that lead a list provides what what use to measure a head to be two valve type, the diameter in the diameter in be being buckled with the sheet at measuring whorl respectively and action. But if secure them,go up in two bracket of a motherboard, can become table check to provide again. Generally speaking, hand-held check is provided basically use at detecting large work, or undertake to the whorl place of workpiece online detect, if measure the guide screw on equipment or important screw,wait. Graph 9 detect integratedly example basis detects of the object different, johnson whorl measuring instrument can be divided for onefold model and integrated model. Introduce in front belong to onefold model, although pass circumgyrate workpiece or shift to measure a head,measure in order to change sectional, still can get the actual measurement of circularity, taper is worth, but still basically use at measuring screw center diameter. Johnson company still was developed integrated model check is provided, use at detecting those are fiducial relevant parameter with whorl, basically be form tolerancepublic errand, if coaxial is spent, jumpy, (end panel) verticality. Because pass the aperture inside the workpiece of finish machining external whorl has demand of positional public errand, reason must detect jumpy this index. The right that check has is the diameter in one action detects device, measuring the fixed position that pair of whorl also realized while the diameter in going out is worth, left adjustable slide block (board) front installation has one lever to measure a watch, its measure cylinder of the Kongyuan inside head and workpiece to connect touch. Be in when the workpiece that be measured clamp position edge when a direction is discontinuous and rotational (measure a head to wear away to decrease, can raise the) that measure a head slightly first when circumgyrate, the value of the biggest change that lever quantity expresses beats for radial namely. Usually, detect beat do not need to provide standard component when public errand of this kind of position, but the diameter in the effect that as a result of the graph 9 check have the thread outside still needing to measure, because this still is deployed,have a standard component, graph the case getting check that the local enlarge graph of 9 showed standard component. In fact, the osculatory position that should change lever to measure a watch to measure a head to go up in workpiece only, its from inside aperture transfers end panel, can detect end panel is jumpy, or convert gives end panel the verticality of opposite whorl part. What afore-mentioned example use is mechanical volume list, if convert,the number that contains output port shows volume list, collect output with respect to what can realize data, input the computer to undertake all sorts of statistic analysises are reached print file. Actually, the sort of the whorl that be measured also not whorl of standard of bureau be confined to, still can expand T whorl, awl whorl. CNC Milling