To the high accuracy of grinding cutting tool clip is held

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Use mix of ternary arris style to manage a technology, can make chuck undertakes to the whole diameter of knife handle safe clip is held, precision achieves 5 ~ 20mm. The each card claw in 5 card claw all is undertaken by body of a double arris body directs the new-style chuck that adds up to calorie of claw with mutual tine can ensure cutting tool grinding is mixed directing one kind contains ternary arris accurately the Gao Tongyuan when grinding acute is spent and repeat precision. In addition, still can prevent swing concussion phenomenon. Be opposite when grinding of cutting tool of integral hard alloy, a lot of circumstances depend on clamping apparatus. On one hand, it should as far as possible diversification, in order to cover as far as possible the knife handle of a variety of diameters; On the other hand, cutting tool should be held by clip as far as possible accurate, because,this is only such, just can achieve exact bit geometry figure and appearance. With the user chuck of a research and development is engaged in clamping apparatus and the Schunk company of the technology that catch claw and the grinding of special type cutting tool that are located in Erkheim technically the chuck that a research and development of company of factory Stefan Rothenaicher gave a kind to be able to satisfy this kind of requirement completely. The card that closes through body of a kind of ternary arris directs and aging each other is ungual, implementation can repeat precision very high and can prevent swing concussion phenomenon (graph 1 and 2) . These are the premise conditions that obtain the ideal that small lot makes automatically. Graph the core component of 1 chuck is arris body oriented device, it can ensure below all sorts of knife handle diameters company of the biggest treatment precision Stefan Rothenaicher is enterprise of grinding of an all-round cutting tool, the high-tech grinding factory that its are located in Erkheim area is engaged in the grinding of cutting tool of pair of metal of horniness of special type whole technically, from 1989 accordingly the enterprise holds water since, accumulated rich grinding and the working experience that grind acute. Enterprise of a lot of auto industry uses the hang technology of Rothenaicher. The enterprise is mixed according to his blueprint data, carry the exercise technological process that complete air conditioning changes, machine and create a pattern of integral horniness metal, shape cutting tool and cutting tool of a flight of stairs. With what manufacture efficiency to rising clinging, the possibility that all sorts of technologies optimize in an attempt to of diligent of Stefan Rothenaicher company. It and Schunk company cooperate, research and development gave a kind of brand-new cutting tool blade to grind chuck. This kind of chuck overcame a few limitation of current and common chuck, created essential premise condition for high accuracy and job of cost-effective cutting tool grinding. Graph diameter of 2 knife handle is smaller, 5 mutual tine that place claw close to be able to be tightened more. This can ensure good stability grinding swings concussion can bring about company of very high finished cost Rothenaicher to know, the much effect chuck with low-cost pincers chuck and high price often is met in automatic grinding exercise encounter its limit. As time elapse, the with round sex precision generation that this kind of chuck can lose place to need stage by stage swings concussion phenomenon. If cutting tool error is in 0.


When 02mm, of chuck this kind swings to be able to cause serious consequence. The monitoring with the arduous maintenance, consecutive take time that blocks claw through be opposite and repair trivally grind and to individual spare parts change, still cannot solve this to swing at all problem. All these measure all fare is much money and time, and still conceal very big risk in grinding exercise. Through using chuck of body of Prismo high accuracy arris, rothenaicher company entered a new era. It is OK that mix of style of a kind of ternary arris runs chuck system accurate and place the knife handle that holds 5~20mm diameter surely. The each card claw in 5 card claw all is undertaken by body of a double arris accurate and oriented, body of the 3rd arris secures the clip in knife handle to hold a face to go up directly, undertake fixed to knife handle. Mix of ternary arris style holds device to be able to ensure achieve with all sorts of knife handle diameters good cooperate. Accordingly, device of Prismo clamping apparatus and other technology program are having differ apparently. For example, when adopting other technology plan, clip opposes an aspect is simple only by wear circle. Without giving thought to knife handle diameter how, prismo clip holds a system to always set 10 clip to hold a line, ensure cutting tool is accurate in be opposite. Can be gotten to odd blade deep aperture so and helix cutting tool has accurate treatment (graph 3) . Nextpage pursues it is OK that deep Kong Zuan of 3 odd blades can get firm clip manages the construction that stabilizes with accurate treatment in preventing vibration to run a course in clip, 5 card are ungual mutual between implementation tine closes, it can maintain the least space with oriented device, place the clearance that also keeps the smallest between claw at the same time. Accordingly, arris body chuck can be achieved extremely tall tigidity and abiding good with circularity. In addition, the oriented system of stability and high strenth can prevent millstones beat. Rothenaicher company needs to undertake repairing grinding to block claw regularly before, in order to make chuck maintains a needed precision; And the clip of chuck of body of Schunk company arris holds a face to set the horniness material coating that is similar to diamond. Accordingly it can stand the high strenth negative charge of horniness cutting tool for a long time. Use for a long time in Rothenaicher company in, prismo chuck can extend length in cutting tool for 2.

5 × D and cutting tool diameter fall for the circumstance of 20mm, achieve <0 continuously.

The clip of 005mm is held repeat precision. Fixed axial prevent to produce interference to be in contain chain fork-lift truck (200 positions) Sch ü Tte WU 305 Linear is full automatic of CNC5 axis grinder in moving continuously, still discover a few otherer good qualities. The course is run in clip in, chuck is opened entirely at first, in the good through a flexibility buy that catch claw enters cutting tool and be opposite next (graph 4) , why to no matter be treatment,plant diametical cutting tool, x axis always keeps changeless. All card claw is secured in same axial on. The danger of the auxiliary process designing with arduous take time and the collision that because X axis is accident,move and happen has become the past. Graph 4 the course is run in automatic clip in, cutting tool implementation is tall secure accurately to counteracting to prevent little pollution is mixed ensure chuck repeats precision at any time, in grinding exercise, from hind and successive infuse clean oil undertakes rinsing to Prismo chuck (graph 5) . In addition, in the machine every time when to load, rothenaicher company uses a kind to be based on not especially the oil of dragon tastes ungual to whole card oriented system to undertake lubricating. To this, every card claw sets a lube mouth. Be in most inside time of 5 minutes, pack oil gun with pneumatic (fittings) undertake to whole chuck perfect and lubricant. Graph the 5 oil that use clean are tasted, can arrive with preventing grinding grain content to enter in arris body chuck through using chuck of Schunk arris body, undertaking to special type cutting tool grinding is mixed when grinding acute, of chuck mix with circularity repeated precision to get marked improvement. The fixed position that Rothenaicher company stabilizes with Hengjiu from higher technological process security, lower monitoring fare is benefited in precision. Accordingly, rate benefit should be used in working next, abandon equipment going up " Excomp " prejudicial compensation. Previously, every cutting tool is held in clip after the movement is finished, need radial accurate the auxiliary working procedure that adjusts 2 μ M. And after the arris body chuck that uses high accuracy, this measure is used at sampling to check the work only. CNC Milling