ProE application skill 30

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1. Put the figure of PRO/E the method in Word documentation one: In preexistence Pro/E online casing mode (OK also below plot mode) fall to be put additionally directly for * .

CGM file, insert in WORD next, this method effect is first-rate, image is vectorgraph form, can shrink arbitrarily so put also won't blur, this method suits line attempt method 2: Use the software that pay a figure directly (like HyperSnap-DX) pay a figure, the dot bitmap that this method suits color 2. POR/E apply colours to a drawing is used from color of > of definition picture view and exterior (bush fire edition) in 3. How to transfer into the spare parts in Pro/E undertake apply colours to a drawing is spare parts output Igs file first in 3DMAX (the method is dialog box of File>SaveaCopy> occurrence SaveaCopy, IGES(* chooses in Type column.

Igs) transfers into in 3DMAX Igs file undertakes apply colours to a drawing 4. Apply colours to a drawing the use of edition of functional bush fire the apply colours to a drawing with same CDRS engine, the effect a lot of; The color function that the function changes the substance in the spare parts or curved surface in View>ModelSetup>PhotoRender is in apply colours to a drawing View>ModelSetup>ColorandAppearance5. Associated view View->RelateView, the dot chooses view, dot choosing needs associated Item. 6. Found beat dead edge Wall. Sheetmetal---Wall---Extrude---Useradius, one: Use Ban gold inside edge drawing builds a feature, its Insideradius is indispensible for 0; 2: Use Ban gold outside side drawing builds a feature, its Insideradius is indispensible for 0; Want contour line of the side outside the picture. 7. Achieve voltage build-up edge to excise breach first; Sheetmetal---Wall---Extrude---Useradius is on excision edge drawing feature. Insideradius is set for 0. 8.

Tap reversing opening makes bottom outlet; Sheetmetal---Wall---Swept- .

> UseRadius careless draw crosses aperture height linear; Definition Radius; Cosmetics---Thread, the attention chooses to turn over the straight Kong Bi that aperture comes up. 9.

The indication border View- of modification Partialview or Detailview > ModifyView- > Boundary; 10.

view changeover is have nothing to do with the model Modifyview- > Snapshot11.

Forge Drawing dimension to choose dimension - > Proparents- > in O of instead of D of Text lieutenant general; Keep yourself's measure; Also can tag tolerancepublic errand: Be like: @O300@++0.

05@# @ - - 0.

02@# basic measure 300, go up deviation 0.

05, next deviation - 0.

02 attentions: The dimension that adds to handiwork only is effective, the dimension of Show is no good. 12. Tag stereo dimension to join Allow_3d_dimensionsYes13 in Config. Shell takes housing time, cannot have acute angle border, best C1 is successive; Ply is more than most roundlet horn radius (curvature radius) 14. Of the model in package simplify express (benefit at fast break) Views- > ModifyView- > ViewState component model is shown in build simplify express (SimplifiedRepresentation) 15. BOM- of indication ball mark > Show- > Showall; Type of modification ball mark: ChangeType- > anthology repeat area - > choose Simple to wait (OK also and custom-built, choose Coustom) 16. Choose form Table- > RepeatRegion- > Filters can use relation: &fam.



Name! =**17. Form divides page Table- > Pagination18. About the input of relation we are in when adding relation, need not click " increase Add " , and dot " editor relation Editrelation " . 19.

2 key mouse supports: 2button_mouse_mmb_support:yEs_noyes:cTrl+shift+ Zun Jian -- rotate 20. The form of a written or printed character that him PRO in project attempt takes is bad.

Have a lot of drawback.

After mixing other style, computer speed does not follow to go up again, beginning bid so when very little law, still use the style that PRO brings oneself, want to give the form of a written or printed character that instead of the ability when the graph mixes finally, do not affect rate issue so. 21. Iges curved surface, encounter honest cannot the face of immediate repair, proposal switch arrives Legaacy module, use the curved surface Remove inside, do not advocate use redefine directly inside delete;22.

The curve that reads in outside, if revise less, the proposal comes from a file with the data inside the curve directly, better, if you prepare to compare,alter greatly, still suggest to enter Legaacy module, with the modification curve inside, adjust more convenient (apply to the 2001 version) previously, if be 2001 the following version, the proposal compares convenient;23 with Style directly.

To be not the curved surface of regulation, if be lengthened directly,be no good, can use advanced the Surfacefreeform inside, this menu suits repair Iges curved surface likewise, the mould builds compose to divide modular face to wait;24 a moment.

Much use axis nods a function, can be from the back the feature that propose form does fixed position to use, inside project attempt, to be not the central line of swing tower, if be inside Part, when building compose feature, had increased upper shaft point in symmetrical center, can open the indication of fiducial axis directly, get central line;25.

In careless draw sectional inside, to careless draw line, key of Ctrl of the person that can press directly pulls the end points that uses line to undertake extension (inside bush fire) ;26.

Become sectional feature to diagnostic limit is being adopted inside careless draw, if encounter a feature to revise those who cause failure, after the proposal enters careless draw, do not want to be deleted directly, first pitch on all careless draw line, use shift to perhaps rotate next command, anyhow is to make careless draw line and primary feature edge as far as possible stagger, careless paint is made by the side of the feature with new reuse next sectional, reuse supersedes an order, must notice the corresponding relation;27 between the feature.

To reduce broken range, inside careless draw, to multistage and tangent line, if join with circular arc point-blank, can first all line enter pitch on to choose to be changed into batten line into editor menu next (bush fire) .


When founding more complex part, can found spare parts cent respectively into many spare partses, use next: Feature---Found---Exterior and duplicate geometry incorporates them together. So OK leave out is very much fiducial and consult, avoid already the interference of scale feature. 29. Rotate the point of array: 1.

If you prepare direct array (blame rotate first duplicate after a feature, again array) , after choosing the plot plane with careless sectional draw, cannot use a system default referenced direction (except rotate beyond array basic OK) , specify a level commonly perpendicular perhaps reference is planar, must use here rotate consult produce a datum plane, increase an angle increment artificially, I am taken commonly 90 or 180 wait for special angle (of the purpose is facilitating picture careless draw is sectional the) seeing a picture with be accorded with normal, after entering careless draw, particularly special attention, besides the whirl of array the center consults as origin, of the others consult not to allow absolutely, if be to use use side or of deflection edge sectional, want those who delete them to consult before finishing careless draw likewise, satisfied these requirements, rotate array succeeds certainly;2.

Also can have make point of a careless draw first, the dot first array, when becoming the first feature of array then, also be to use the datum mark in front completely to consult, direct array is OK after the feature that finish;3.

If feel the comparison above is troublesome, still having is commonly used gimmick, after becoming the first feature, rotate first the copy gives a feature, the feature that uses a copy next makes array, if still can fail so, last action, all-purpose, copy the curved surface of the first feature first first namely, rotate next copy curved surface, array comes with curved surface directly from the back (this one action also is applied to want array at the same time the circumstance of more feature, absolve the troublesome) that makes group array.

30. Trail file application is used write board open Trail.

Txt, will inside after the operation after you want the place that restores is deleted, save file to disk to be opened with PROE can. CNC Milling