The sheet of knife of UE series coating that turning steel uses expects

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Great majority of mechanical spare parts is by carbon steel and alloy structure steeliness is become. Turning when this kind of material, form more banding cut bits. To go up from semifinished product excision cuts bits, bit needs to bear huge negative charge, be excised cut bits to slip quickly from face of the knife before bit, it produces acuteness clash in the opposite motion with bit and form high temperature, material of reason razor blade not only want wear-resisting, and want high temperature resistant, hardness maintains below high temperature. So this kind of material should choose cutting contain the P with TiC+TaC more scale kind hard alloy. It is now raise cutting efficiency and cutting rate, feed rate is higher and higher, p kind hard alloy razor blade is insufficient already. Going up century middle period, people was developed in P kind on horniness razor blade again deposit the film of a tall hardness, those who say for coating (Coating) . 0 what coating ply is bit ply about only.

2% , can improve bit life greatly, and can get used to higher cutting rate. Come a few this years coating technology also is developing ceaselessly, if develop by monolayer multilayer even accept rice is multilayer; Coating ply also is added by M of a few μ to ten μ M more even, the sort of coating material, function and deposit technology are more and more advanced also. The hard alloy that serves as base material also develops to get used to those who machine a requirement to have gradient performance structure to wait by onefold isotropy. The cutting that is aimed at these workpiece material machines a requirement, classics of company of 3 water chestnut is old research and development, rolled out material of new razor blade of UE series coating successfully. Graph the circle that the data of UE series cutting tool that 1 turning steel uses is in coordinate origin place to bring gap it is thus clear that, show an edge near 45 degrees of lines each are cut deep the cutting condition with feed, the concrete shop sign of chosen UE series cutting tool is recommended when undertaking slight interrupted cutting, can single out the corresponding chamfer that break bits at the same time. If should be cut deep as lesser as feed when, can choose UE6010 and SH to break bits chamfer, if cut deep increase up along 45 degrees of lines roughly with feed, state area of the cut that cut bits increases gradually, when cutting bear increases gradually, ordinal and optional break bits chamfer with UE6010 material and MV and GH, when cutting when the area is larger, can choose UE6020 material and Hx to break bits chamfer. Be like on workpiece without keyway, breach when, right now cutting calls successive cutting, if mental allowance is even also, not be the surface layer of cutting workpiece, however cutting its lining, the installation tigidity that is like workpiece additionally is taller, not easy generation is oscillatory, when cutting force is roughly constant, the cutting below above condition belongs to stable cutting range, see a picture the wrong upper part of 1. In the cutting inside this limits, along with cut deep the accretion with feed, but material of individual choice UE6005 and SH, MV, GH breaks bits chamfer, should cut mix greatly when feed is bigger, material of optional choose UE6010 and Hx break bits chamfer. Graph the circle that the right lower part of 1 has to bring 4 gap, figure ground states the breach on workpiece is much, add man-hour to form more intense interrupted cutting. Mental allowance not all, cutting of blame workpiece lining however hardness is tall and the cutting when inhomogenous cuticular cutting or the installation tigidity difference that are workpiece, Yi Zhen is moved, belong to not stable cutting range, basically can choose UE6020 material right now, along with cut deep the accretion with feed, but the chamfer breaking bits with ibid corresponding choice. When not stable condition is more serious, should choose UE6035 to reach the corresponding trough that break bits. Why to choose so? Because these 4 kinds of material are equivalent to UE series respectively,ISO international standard arrives from P01 the different grade of P40, the number of above is smaller, state hardness is taller, jump over wear-resisting, can get used to higher cutting rate more; Number is larger, state tenacity is taller, more impulse withstand, but accommodative cutting speed is relatively inferior. Before the characteristic that showing stuff of UE series razor blade, first brief explain to make the scathing issue of cutting tool invalidation. Material of current cutting tool changes boron with cubic nitrogen of hard alloy, cermet, pottery and porcelain, CBN() , PCD(man-made gets together brilliant diamond) wait for agglomeration material to give priority to, the utilization rate of high-speed steel has dropped. The injury of agglomeration material has like configuration and high-speed steel wear away (Wear) , wearing away is injury of sex of a kind of advance gradually, related to length of cutting time, cutting. Agglomeration material has his character again, namely hard and fragile, tenacity is insufficient, because of,meet in cutting process of cutting force, heat in metal cutting fluctuant cause instantaneous and low loop impact, and form brittleness to injure (Brittle Fracture) , performance of this kind of loss is: ① appears on edge a few little gap, call be short of caustic or small collapse (Chipping) . Big gap produces when ② is serious, call damaged or collapse knife (Broken Fracture) . When little gap appearing to be short of caustic namely on edge, cannot reoccupy at finish machining, but can continue to be used at rough machining below certain circumstance. ③ is additionally in treatment, the part cuts bits felt (Adhesion) , frit writtens guarantee (Welding) is near edge. General felt, frit writtens guarantee wearing away is a spare parts, blame agglomeration cutting tool injures one of reasons, will tell knot of possible generation felt, frit to wear away to agglomeration tool material, but mainer is content of form of the felt cutting bits that as firm as cutting tool surface union is together, frit, after the tumour that accumulate bits is being machined to pound by sequel, make it departs with cutting tool surface forcibly, in this one process, detached while also take away material of partial cutting tool together, caused knot of felt, frit to be short of caustic and damaged, reason should avoid to cut tie of the felt of bits, frit as far as possible in spot treatment. Of course they still affect treatment surface quality. Heat conduction of ④ agglomeration material is poor, produce the loss such as unripe hot crack easily. Material of coating of series of UE of company of 3 water chestnut is signal of material of cutting tool of series of graph 2 UE to resist these main cutting tool injure above goodly just about, make sure efficient and macrobian life is machined and development comes out. These 4 kinds of coating all use UE series law of deposit of CVD(chemical gas phase) make, the velar layer of this craft can be made thicker, more wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, can get used to high speed big feed, big cut deep cutting. UE series 4 kinds of coating apply with UE6010, UE6020 the widest, have versatility and typical sex most. Graph 3 organize structural picture for UE6010 and UE6020. Small composition of material of cutting tool of series of graph 3 UE by the graph 1 knowable, on 45 degrees of lines, as the first recommending is UE6010, because it has quite tall hardness already very wear-resisting has the tenacity that comparative to be able to get used to certain interrupted cutting and concussion again, its matrix hard alloy is to tilt structure, namely each function function is different, the stratosphere tenacity that is united in wedlock with coating is big, make sure coating is united in wedlock can firmly with it, be able to bear or endure be short of caustic and damaged, ministry of core of matrix hard alloy is done flintily, fight be out of shape capability is strong. Coating divides a layer in all, be united in wedlock with matrix most lining is TiCN fiber columnar and crystal, second layer hardness also has the tenacity that comparative high, can resist around knife face wears away well. An intermediate Al2O3 that is imperceptible grain, hardness can amount to HY2100, its generate freedom to be able to be worth amount to - 100Kcal/g.

Atom, this value represents chemical stability, the value is less, chemical stability and hear resistance are better. After having this coat, cutting tool of not easy when high speed cutting generation and workpiece material element diffuse each other, cause banding the flow that cuts bits is advanced the crescent moon that knife face causes wears away depression, the fuse that this coating issues pair of iron in high temperature condition is spent it is almost 0, make knot of not easy frit is in scrap its surface, all sorts of loss that also avoid to be caused accordingly thereby. It is by distinctive flowing coating technology (of Fu of besmear of Even Coating Technology) , the surface is particularly slick, on this foundation the surface besmears again compound of a special titanium, this coating keeps flowing, make coefficient of friction is reduced, reduce tie of the felt of scrap, frit further. Because it is golden yellow, discover the small loss that produces possibly more easily. Recommending when choosing UE6010, special still recommended suit the MV with cutting extensive condition to break bits chamfer, the union of this both more increase its versatility. The structural character of character of each structure of UE6020, function and matrix hard alloy and UE6010 are roughly identical, but its film layer is thinner (graph 3) , hardness is lower than UE6010, wearability is poorer, accommodative cutting speed is inferior also, but the cutting speed limits that recommending (the wearability that still can keep quite tall below graph 1) . Its bending strength, tenacity and impulse withstand UE6010 of force criterion prep above, suit not to stabilize the cutting inside cutting limits. In concussion load action falls, filmy likelihood cracks be no longer in force, velar layer dependability drops, and thick film is more impulse withstand, reliability is high. Be aimed at the use condition of UE6010 and UE6020, if be successive cutting, cutting condition is stable, can choose hardness further taller, more the UE6005 of wear-resisting, concussion load is very right now small do not have even, can realize more efficient cutting by commendatory taller cutting rate. Contrary, if be interrupted cutting, when concussion load is bigger, can choose the UE6035 with taller than UE6020 tenacity, greater bending strength, the cutting rate that recommending falls treatment, although rate fell (graph 1) , but avoided cutting tool to be short of caustic and damaged, make cutting tool service life is lengthened, avoided to change often bit, shortened auxiliary time, can improve cutting efficiency likewise. CNC Milling