Coverture layer material and cutting tool base material (mother capable person)

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The most inchoate material of generation coverture is to use TiC, 6m of its ply big Ji , cutting tool base material is the general and commonly used material Zuo such as P10 of carbide, P20, K10. Only the carbon that TIC absorbs bit surface , make the Zuo of TiC and base material much photograph of η of of Er of of carbon of one Man , η look is very hard very fragile, the Er of of TiC coverture is qualitative have very big power Man , and after coverture base material uses special alloy , of η photograph comes least, into cutting tool of the 2nd acting coverture. The material of coverture already changed TiN, HfC, HfN, Al2O3 to wait by TiC recently. The coverture of TiC is able to bear or endure Zuo of the person that knife abdomen wear and tear compares coverture TIN is good, and of TIN be able to bear or endure cave Zuo of the person that ability of wear and tear compares TiC is good. The closest coverture is 3 material weigh each other osculant and into, be like TiC +TiN +Al2O3, hold sex of bad news of wear-resisting of each Zuo concurrently, special Zuo adds up to high speed cutting, this material of the 3rd acting coverture. Material of the 4th acting coverture is surface of consummate of base material very thin Zuo adds , be like the Zuo content 6% of base material, and the Zuo content that Zuo adds is likely 20 % of Zuo . This adds to be able to change the Ding of Zuo coverture and base material to add up to a gender, Qu is under Kui cutting or of affection of Zuo bad, coverture because Zuo is hard fragile and disintegrate giving , Zuo Er cracks Jun to be added by Zuo lives and not thorough base material of Kui Kui . The of coverture can be divided into , Zuo , reach 3 to wait for razor blade of each Er coverture, express as follows. of of coverture cutting tool expresses base material of coverture cutting tool to need Zuo has following character: 1.

Tall is able to bear or endure beautiful of Zhu form. 2.

of tall is spent. 3.

of tall Jun is spent. 4.

Be able to bear or endure of Xiao broken fight She Lijia. 5.

Be able to bear or endure beautiful of character of knife abdomen wear and tear. floats in use coverture data has TiC, TiN, Al2O3. TiC proportion 4.

7 than carbonization Zuo 17.

9 Zuo , hardness is very tall, of sex of wear-resisting bad news, have the oxidation impedance with big Zuo . The invariability changing of Al2O3 is optimal, comes loose impedance is the most effective, fight oxidisability fine, of of is low, attrition also small, but the Jian of Ning base material adds up to to compare TiN or Tic Zuo strands Zuo . Jian adds up to to spend the effect of coverture of shadow Zuo , among them the Jian with TiC adds up to to spend optimal. The invariability changing of TiN is taller than TiC , have attrition of lowest, the of its Ning Zuo comes loose Jin of the Zuo that turn over is slow, Zuo is by at coverture material the Zuo that be decomposed is entered already the of the surface that cut bits that Jian Wo Sitian Zuo changes, azotic offers of lower than carbon travel of the case hardening that cut bits. Reason TiN is able to bear or endure cave beautiful of Zuo of wear and tear. The one that cutting tool of much coverture is close to base material most normally is TiC, with Er calm comes loose impedance, avoid carbon by Zuo of the Man in the Zuo photograph of base material or Zuo , most outside one 0.

The TiN with thick 005mm the attrition with surface of low cutting tool, and in the Zuo of TiC-TiN of Zuo crosses . can depend on at razor blade of different coverture carbide outside of Yin Zuo lubricious : Gray of Zuo of of coverture of general carbonization Zuo , nitrogen changes color of Zuo of gold of Zuo coverture , grey black of of oxidation Zuo coverture. CNC Milling