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We transmit a series of speed, measure such as change craft layout through adjusting solder to install craft, promotion, make share of station of clever V white automobile body produces man-hour to reduce the 315s 2008 by the 435s 2005, the class is produced raise 70 by 52, productivity rises considerably. The model of clever V series of my company from March 2004 the first truckload since getting offline, market demand rises ceaselessly, raw production metre already cannot satisfy market demand, wait for problem of energy supply and demand as a result of electric power at the same time, increase production productivity of efficiency, promotion, reducing specific power consumption is the road that goes surely. Analytic bottleneck is versed in a clever V model from 2004 put into production arrives in June 2005, class of white automobile body produces 52, station share produces man-hour 435s, and the design is produced theoretically can answering is the class produces 64, station share produces man-hour 348s. For this, in June 2005, we held water to produce can promote project group (the following abbreviation " project group " ) , be versed in from main product line the analysis searchs a man-hour proceed with produce can bottleneck. We are with model of clever VA42 Gao Ding, boot door fiducial, line, right to total solder / left wall line, floor line undertakes man-hour is measured (in June 2005) , the result sees a table 1, watch 2. Can see, the labour that is more than 348s all be the influence is produced can bottleneck is versed in. Then, we are right total solder line 20, 40, 50, 60, 70, 100 with 110 labour, the assembly of left, right framework of sidewall line is versed in and of floor line before in the floor is versed in etc, the pace that press labour refines man-hour, be versed in according to each a characteristic, adopt measure to undertake efficiency improvement is mixed produce can promote. The yield of total solder line can promote 1.

Total solder line 20 labour man-hour of each link place bad news in producing a course to can be mirrorred clearly, the rationality of unit process of cargo bandling of worker of test and verify, we are right total solder line 20 labour labor situation undertakes man-hour is divided measure, as a result report gives 20 worker worker the time of artificial operation can be improved, and measure of change worker operation is crucial, concrete step is as follows: (1) local board assembly from 10 labour carry 20 project when perch, the worker presses underside wall in time to carry pushbutton; (2) add an auxiliary worker (from 30 labour use) inside the side wall before assistance is assembled board size control complementary (20 labour the worker is 2 formerly) , the component such as framework supports in be being assembled in time when sidewall perch, when this labor situation is used, fall from 70s to 65s; (3) assemble artificially, solder casing assembly is secured on back wall, through adjusting labour appliance puts the position, make content shedding smoother, decrease fixed casing assembly carries a distance on back wall, reduce the 60s when artificial jockey effectively; (4) stage of total before solder is left, right two side are mobile and different pace, adjust air cylinder pressure to be able to make synchronism of total solder stage mobile, shorten man-hour; (5) line of total to whole solder, below the premise that assures safety, accelerate the rate that carries chain appropriately, roundtrip carry time to be shortened by original 58s 50s. Through afore-mentioned improvement, 20 labour artificial before operation is slow at the robot, whole man-hour needs 390s, to eye forefathers labour is operated fast operate at the robot, man-hour also reduced 345s, reduced 45s, between labor situation join more compact, work efficiency rises greatly. <IMG Onmousewheel="return Bbimg(this)" Alt="" Hspace=0 Src="http://www.



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Total solder line 60, 70, 90 labour be opposite with same method 60 labour undertake man-hour is divided measure, as a result report gives total solder clue 60 labour robot operation time is too long, solve a way to have 3: It is to increase robot traversal speed; 2 it is to reduce robot workload; 3 it is to raise traversal speed to reduce workload again already. From safe element consideration, at present 60 be versed in the traversal speed of a robot does not suit to rise again, and total solder line 90 labour man-hour is shorter, so we are in 90 labour increased a robot to be used at decomposing 60 labour workload, casing foundation part is about to secure on coping assembly and back wall right half and casing shell plating is secured on back wall assembly and hind assembly of side wall shell plating contacts a part by 90 labour add robot spot welding newly to finish. Such, 60 labour man-hour reduces 325s by original 435s. Total solder line 70 labour it is pure robot welder, to raise rate, we increased to a robot controls box and improve a robot to control software here, use spot welding of double solder clamp, increase robot traversal speed, man-hour reduces 233s by original 390s. 3.

Other of total solder line is versed in a total solder line 40, 50, 100 with 110 labour it is simple artificial work, 20, 60 labour also have bigger artificial workload, choose appropriate worker, undertake grooming accordingly very necessary. We are right the labour of man-hour train in excess specified length undertake personnel allocate, increase new old employee groom strength, raise operation level of the worker ceaselessly, accelerate rate, promote a product quality. Besides, we still are in 50, 110 labour the workload that so that decompose unit worker,added jockey person. Through a series of after improvement, august 2005, we are versed in individually to total solder line undertake man-hour is measured again, total solder line is versed in 11 times a requirement that all achieved target man-hour to be less than 350s (detailed sees a table 3) , with the watch 1 contrast can discover, man-hour all has shorten, manufacturing efficiency rises apparently. The improvement of Nextpage sidewall line and floor line is sharp assembly of right framework of V sidewall line is versed in the account with a manufacturing small efficiency basically is right sidewall inside board assembly, inside framework assembly and framework assembly of clamping apparatus of this third mate put suffer field to restrict, framework synthesis clamping apparatus was not put in other among two clamping apparatus, so must first will inside after framework assembly puts the clamping apparatus on framework synthesis, ability condole is hanged inside board assembly, increased latency time from this. Classics research, we the layout third mate clamping apparatus by original " article " glyph structure instead " one " glyph structure, content shedding becomes smooth, manufacturing man-hour decreases effectively also. Assembly of left to sidewall line framework is versed in, we raised EMS (carry a system automatically) traversal speed, changed appropriate solder clamp, increased a worker solder speed, manufacturing efficiency is able to rise effectively. Before floor line in floor assembly is versed in a clamping apparatus ageing, condition of fixed position spare parts is not stable, cause solder and assemble inconvenience, expend time, in the meantime, should be versed in stage wearing turns to undertake retroflexioning working through breaking up after two workers are being produced even, next again have a change of luck arrives big floor board 10 labour corresponding labour on appliance. We through improving clamping apparatus is mixed increased jockey person to come true to produce can promotion. New round produce can promote a course a series of improvement, my company produces can apparent promotion, achieved a class to produce 64 design target, satisfied market demand. 2006 second half of the year, the market sales volume of clever V grows continuously, crop of plan of clever 2007 V amounts to my company 15500, add 1000 completely than 2006, the class produces 64 yield to be able to show inadequacy again, august 2006, project group begins to analyse again use CKD line to leave small 2 means production. But considering leave small 2 more wasteful manpower, material resources and the sources of energy, project team jumps out circle of early days plan, formed " adjust original moving order " plan: Adjust total solder 20 labour EMS (sidewall carries a system automatically) the moving order with the robot, adjust total solder 60 labour AFM (coping assembly carries a system automatically) run rhythm with the robot, improve sidewall line 10 labour the spare parts assembles order to wait. Line of will former total solder 20 labour before in top framework assembly by robot spot welding 12 (6+6) solder site changes by 60 labour artificial spot welding (60 labour artificial spot welding undertakes at the same time when robot spot welding, do not increase total man-hour) , additional will before the 2+2 that wind window sill is in a robot to be nodded beforehand selects instead 1+1 site; At the same time total before solder 20 labour after EMS moves to await an area, robot ability begins to run the job, had adjusted the program at present run 20 industry for EMS coping robot begins the work namely, after waiting for a machine to make an end artificially, EMS moves ahead again, reduced robot latency time from this. To total solder 60 labour, we are passed improve, optimize a program, make robot and AFM synchronism move, reduced mutual latency time. Adopt afore-mentioned measure, total solder line 20 labour reduce station share man-hour to make an appointment with 30s, total solder line 60 labour reduce man-hour 15s about. Left / line of right sidewall assembly is adopted adjust 10 labour solder of auxiliary scaleboard put method and order, reasonable lay the improvement such as component measure, can save man-hour 10s left and right sides, in the meantime, we are returned 10 labour medium 10 solder site changes to 20 labour spot welding, can reduce man-hour 15s again. Line of assembly of big floor board increases floor board of hoisting of an auxiliary worker, reduce man-hour 15s. Above improves measure and effect detailed to see a table 4, to October 2006, clever V class is produced achieved 70, 315s of station share man-hour. Consolidate produce although clever V produces can theoretical value to produced 52 to promote a class to produce 70 by first class,can promote actual effect, but arrived 2006 the end of the year, produce actually can not resemble theoretical value be being stabilized in that way sometimes. 2007 the beginning of the year, project group holds special subject meeting, analytic reason, made clear specific improve measure: Solder outfit workshop is weekly breakdown of each product line produces statistic time of generation of dot, breakdown and eliminate time to wait, declare statistical information technical division; Technical division brings motor-driven division, tool division to analyse breakdown reason, offer feasible solution and fulfil in time; Later, solder installs a workshop to carry out the effect to undertake dogging feedbacking to measure. To in June 2007, project group is discharged in all check breakdown of line of clever V total solder to order 26 part, produce frequency among them second taller have 6 place, basically be 20 labour, and be centered in the floor the problem that bottom of hind, sidewall and dot of signal of part of sidewall shell plating do not reach the designated position. Project group takes modification fixed position finally respectively piece tectonic, change signal is adjusted to detect below the different diameter air cylinder, premise that affecting measure of product fixed position the measure such as the journey, make the problem gets basically settlement. Weekly breakdown costs total solder line by was more than 3500s to decrease to produce breakdown again scarcely nowadays every week in December 2006. Breakdown of line of clever V sidewall produces a dot to basically be centered in right sidewall line 30 labour with 50 labour, accumulative total appeared spot of 36 place trouble, among them majority does not reach the designated position for orgnaization of clamping apparatus impaction, do not transmit the circumstance that reach the designated position. The course undertakes for many times adjustment improvement to relevant orgnaization, time of loss of sidewall line breakdown by a week 2000s reduced present 200s to control in January 2007. A week breakdown cost floor line in January 2007 be more than 15000s, occurrence breakdown orders 17 part, and basically with yuan attaint of parts of an apparatus and tool breakdown are relevant, sequel is reached through be being safeguarded in time got newlier be settlemented effectively, add up to the platoon is checked settled point of 42 place breakdown. Floor line production is successful nowadays, extremely rare breakdown appears. To assure better before a few produce per year the effect that can promote, 2008, we from it is good to raise the respect such as equipment, clamping apparatus, tool to make beforehand check trims the job beforehand, make breakdown is in budding condition to be solved so that mix in order to prevent, raised the utilization rate of equipment, tool effectively. 2009, to enhance product competition ability further, my company is being organized begin seed profit production, include job of process control, TPM, 5S to wait, the purpose depends on optimizing spot management further, raise utilization rate of equipment and installations, reduce fault rate, promote a product quality. Efficiency is carried out with what benefit improves measure through a few rounds reach consolidate optimize, the white automobile body of clever V is produced can get effective promotion, the first phase produces 52 promotion to produce 64 production program to the class by first class, the 2nd phase broke through production program to achieve a class to produce 70 again, in the meantime, utilization rate of equipment and installations also promoted current 80 % ~ 85 % by the 70 % of 65 % ~ 2005. Clever V is produced can promoting the work is finished below the requirement that did not increase investment, saved investment cost not only, and to specific power consumption decreased to also make enormous contribution. If my company produces the plant of 2 automobile body of white automobile body,charge of every second specific power consumption makes an appointment with 3 yuan, can promote through producing, with compared 2005, annual 2008 charge of managing specific power consumption amounts to many yuan 500 (by produce per year 15000 clever V white automobile body, every managing man-hour 120s counts the share) . No matter from which for the respect, the economic benefits that the yield that we undertake can promote a project is very remarkable. CNC Milling