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Source of foreword passivity sound explores fixed position technology is one kind uses acoustics microphone array and electronic device to receive the radiation noise of athletic goal, in order to decide the target is located positional technology. The article is based on exploration technology principle and mature microelectronics technology just about, the exploration fixed position that the TMS320VC33-150 of chip of 32 floating-point DSP that uses TI firm will come to achieve acoustical source goal is algorithmic, and complementary with ADC, CPLD, sheet piece control of logic of the collection that the parts of an apparatus such as machine will come to realize acoustical source signal, system and communication function. Control a function to the logic of digital circuit, the article chose the CPLD chip EPM7128AETC100-10 of Altera company to come true. Low, resourceful, in-house delay time secures this chip power comsumption, conduce to the design of sequential logic circuit. This system basically divides for two parts: The hardware implementation of circuit of number of acoustical exploration system and DSP software are designed. The system already was finished now debug, moving stability, exploration effect is better. Exploration system of systematic function sound obtains the radiation noise information of acoustical source target through microphone array, after be being handled through front imitate signal, undertake by DSP in digital circuit high-speed sound explores fixed position algorithm to handle, wait for acquisition acoustical source position, speed information, send computer terminal to undertake handing in collecting indication. The hardware design of acoustical exploration system is in acoustical exploration system, digital circuit is most crucial part. The article is mixed with DSP, CPLD odd a machine for core parts of an apparatus, finished sound to explore the hardware design of digital circuit of the system. Block diagram of its number circuit is shown 1 times like the graph. Pursue 1 times after the imitate signal that the digital circuit block diagram of exploration system processes through front finishs sampling to change by AD7865, to DSP one is interrupted, DSP is in of CPLD cooperate to fall, read the data that takes each channels to store in piece outside SRAM data division, at the same time DSP undertakes to data digital filter wave, spectrum is analysed, fulfil the fixed position function of pair of acoustical source targets thereby. Realize the exchange of DSP and C8051F020 target information by double mouth RAM, finish the RS-422 communication with terminal finally through MAX3485. Additional, the result after DSP basis is handled realizes the gain control of pair of front imitate circuit. Demand of phasic to audio consistency is very high in exploration system of sound of ADC design passivity, accordingly, used in the design have ADC AD7865 of 14 when at the same time sampling maintains a function collateral output. In this design, the signal of target of 6 sound source after be being handled via enlarge filter wave passes two AD7865 to realize A/D changeover. The article uses the output signal of DSP timer to regard the starting sampling of ADC as signal, after sampling changeover is finished, the BUSY signal that carries ADC is interrupted to DSP, next DSP is entered suspend processing program, read take A/D data, and read write signal and ADC piece choose signal to be opposite by CPLD of DSP read write signal and address signal to undertake logistic combination will finish. The extent of the digital signal that DSP and the main function that circumjacent circuit designs DSP have a basis to be collected will finish the automatic gain control of pair of front imitate signal, the level of gain control has 16, 64, 256, 1024, 4096, 16384, 65536 in all 7 archives; The data that arrives to collecting undertakes commutation of digital filter wave, fast FFT and orthogonal commutation wait for operation, the fixed position that achieves pair of goals then, identify wait for operation; Be finished through double mouth RAM and odd a communication of machine, and of ADC time start. DSP circumjacent circuit includes Flash of program guiding area, program to run exchange area of area SRAM, data double mouth RAM and gain control. Flash uses a capacity to form code storage space for the AMD29LV040B of 1M*8b; SRAM uses a capacity to be the SRAM memory CY7C1049-CV33 of 512K*8b, 4 are used to undertake in circuit patulous, form 512K*32 thereby the program runs a space; Double mouth RAM is 2K*8 IDT71V321; And gain control uses 8 CMOS Suo Cunqi to come true. TMS320VC33-150 has 4 exterior interrupt, can serve as BootLoader interrupt, of because this BootLoader first selection is tall first step interrupt, it is likely otherwise when program of to load of off line electrify cannot to load is successful. Because be after electrify restoration, DSP is carried out halt take a course, go searching BootLoader memory area according to breaking rank, if do not have what interrupt prep above BootLoader to interrupt buy to disable, so DSP will search BootLoader memory area according to fast first step, bring about program to load not to succeed consequently. In addition, in designing a process, wait like #RDY, #HOLD, EDGEMODE, MCBL/#MP, #SHZ to a few important signal, want a foundation specific design, consult data manual gives accordingly get on pull or next pulling to handle. This design because be opposite,in debugging a process #HOLD signal did not do processing, bring about cannot online download program, solve through pulling Gao Cai finally. Watch 1 interrupt date and program to lade flow chart logic dominates programming of software of 2 DSP of address correspondence chart the sequential management that the EPM7128AETC100-10 that Altera firm used in this design will come to implement whole circuit system and logistic control function, basically include ADC to control functional module, memory to read write sequential to control sequential of module, communication interface to control module and gain control. Arise according to coding of space of address of DSP exterior memory piece anthology signal and read write sequential. Quartus Ⅱ is used to finish logistic control to emulate in this design. Odd an Electromechanical road C8051F020 is odd a machine it is MCU of completely compositive level of mixture signal system, besides have a level 8051 sheet piece outside the digital peripheral component of machine, piece inside compositive still data collects the imitate part that uses with control system middling and other number peripheral and functional part. The fact stringing together a mouth that C8051F020 uses in this design showed the RS-422 asynchronous with computer terminal serial communication, baud rate is 19.

2Kbps; Used double mouth RAM to finish DSP and sheet piece the real time exchange of the data of acoustical source target of machine. Designing sheet piece when Electromechanical road, to assure the dependability of electrify restoration circuit, can use basic RC circuit and special monitoring integrated circuit to wait like MAX708T, function of MODEN VDD monitor should make full use of in the meantime. Auxiliary circuit assists circuit to include any crystalline substance brace up, watchdog, voltage is fiducial circuit and module of DC/DC power source. DSP clock used 15MHz any crystalline substance brace up, classics DSP interior reachs the fastest traversal speed of TMS320VC33-150 after 5 times frequency, use 20MHz brilliant display vigour to be sheet at the same time piece the clock source of machine; The monitoring dropping report that pair of DSP realized through using MAX706 watchdog chip in this design and program run the restoration function that fly; Fiducial circuit used tension TPS767D318 will be offerred for whole system + 3.

3V and + 1.

8V power source; Module of DC/DC power source is finished outside receive + the efficient changeover of 12V~+5V. Whole software is based on flow of software of DSP of DSP software design break pattern. The changeover that DSP software design included ADC is started, data is collected, the digital filter wave that interrupts signal of source of service program, sound, fast FFT and orthogonal commutation, and the MUSIC that obtains sound intensity of high resolution space to distributing through spectrum analysis is algorithmic. If the DSP software flow of this exploration system pursues 2 are shown. Flow of DSP software work is: After systematic electrify restoration, the program document of exterior Flash goes to to load area of exterior SRAM program, DSP initialization moves after each parts. The program inquires ADC from beginning to end interrupt signal, in what obtain ADC after interrupting, enter suspend service program, the data storage after collecting is outer division of ministry SRAM data, call program of exploration fixed position to get the azimuth of sound target to wait for parameter next, write exterior in double mouth RAM, for sheet piece machine read take evacuation to undertake to computer terminal confluence is handed in meeting. DSP program BootLoaderTMS320VC33-150 has kind of two kinds of jobs, the choice of working way makes crural decision by MCBL/MP. In this design, through bringing MCBL/MP pull on the foot for tall n, make DSP job is in small computer / guide load mode or exterior memory to lade means. Turn from low n in Reset signal after be tall n, TMS320VC32-150 is checked above all exterior interrupt input line n, the decision begins bootstrap by where, interrupt date and corresponding beginning to if the watch is shown 1 times,conduct the relation between the address. BOOT2 means was used in this design, be in namely DSP restoration signal by low after becoming tall, DSP begins to load program from 400000H of exterior memory address. Those who need an attention is, use exterior memory to lade when means, the width of data bus line that to load program must contain exterior memory (8, 16 or 32) , of the entrance address that the length of program code, program carries out and memory await condition number. In load the program that already debugged a success in Flash process, the method that the article uses is: Through writing a * .

Cmd changes a file, use HEX30 next.

EXE * .

* of Out file translate into.

Hex file. And generated * .

Hex file is burned in writing Flash can. Of course, also can use online burn written method. The sound that epilogue is based on TMS320VC33-150 explored design of systematic number circuit to make full use of the floating-point operation ability with powerful TMS320VC33-150, the very good algorithm that finished exploration fixed position of acoustical source target is handled. The logic that CPLD still made full use of in the meantime controls the peripheral natural resources with function and substantial MCU, designed DSP algorithm and interrupt service program flow. This system has been debugged finish, undertook sufficient outfield experiments. The result makes clear, systematic work is steady, each index achieved a requirement basically. CNC Milling