The exercise that achieves application of accurate laser beam machining controls new challenge

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Summary: Laser precision treatment and cut already were in to be like circular cut of cut of cut of silicon of solar energy brilliant, mobile phone face plate, semiconductor brilliant by application, above the accurate treatment such as Laser CNC. How satisfy different capable person to go up character through adjusting energy intensity cut, and present an effect that has administrative levels feeling, these are the new challenges that place of product of high-end sport control faces. How does lieutenant general discussion overcome the new challenge that confronts when accurate laser beam machining in the article, and the solution that proves through example. Stimulating optical production technology is union a when the science such as electric machinery of optical, mechanical, electron, computer and technical conformity become new technology, its already were in nowadays society by wide application. According to authority of international laser industry " LASER FOCUS WORLD " with " Industrial Laser Solution " at the beginning of 2013 statistical data shows, global laser product sells the trend that had returned the level 2008 and presents growth. In domain of treatment of global laser material, the production value be in the majority that machines with the metal in last few years, applied end hits mark and picture line to wait for those who belong to finishing with laser again, those who occupy is most for 42% , laser Cutting and solder cent is occupied for the 2nd with the 3rd, close 34% what occupy integral material to process application, its apply in aviation of car, spaceflight, electron, mechanical, iron and steel to wait for property of metallic Ban gold. And publish at the place end 2012 in GI (Global Information) " Global And China Laser Equipment And Processing Industry Report, 2012-2014 " transaction middle finger goes out, market of global laser equipment predicts commonly 2011 will by about 7.4 billion U.S. dollor grew with the speed of 14% 2010, 2012 grow about 2% . With Chinese market character, the market of laser equipment grows in what appreciably exceeded global market 2011 rate. From the point of the influence of macroscopical economy, although China was aimed at the market of laser beam machining of mechanical industry, heavy industry to narrow, but market of small-sized, medium-sized laser beam machining is in grow. Because China acts central part on global manufacturing industry, its are quite tremendous also to the demand of laser machinery, especially industry of car, semiconductor, electron has very big potential demand. Treatment industry of China, 60% what treatment of accurate metal spare parts and treatment of laser starting a hole occupied treatment to serve whole. With respect to applied level character, laser precision treatment and cut already were in to be like circular cut of cut of cut of silicon of solar energy brilliant, mobile phone face plate, semiconductor brilliant by application, above the accurate treatment such as Laser CNC. To athletic control product, how to overcome the precision on traditional cut and micron processing; How can very easy cut any graphs, achieve the flowing result of its precision; How can also suffer a space to restrict to the graph of iota and finish; How can adjust energy intensity to come - satisfy different capable person to go up character cut, and present an effect that has administrative levels feeling, these are the new challenges that place of product of high-end sport control faces. How does lieutenant general discussion overcome the new challenge that confronts when accurate laser beam machining in the article, and the solution that proves via example. Challenge one: Laser Cutting essence is spent definitely not the adjustment of beautiful laser power mostly with frequency + occupy empty example type to control, on displacement so control needs the shift with real time and accurate essence, different speed should have different power, but the speed that differs in generation of the metropolis when graphical cut. Drop quickly in speed, laser power has not enough time to alternate moment, can bring about had had phenomenon of be in harmony to happen, if pursue,be shown. Because laser is controlled,control with the means of PWM mostly again, PWM control is the kind that takes sky comparing in order to change undertakes, have better performance to securing speed to meet so, but if rate rises, the frequency of laser can have have not enough time to give glossy issue, react at cut meeting generation burns uniformity of be in harmony not the circumstance of beautiful happens, if pursue,2 are shown. Challenge 2: Athletic contrail achieves cut system not easily below high accuracy to need to pay attention to the accuracy of method in shift, motor control need is so very good, the graph of such cut just won't be out of shape, if pursue 3, the graph is shown 4 times; Because if use open loop,this is controlled (pulse, the pace is entered) means, can bring about follow degree cannot make good omissions in real time; If want to achieve the requirement of high accuracy to use closed circuit only (speed, torque) control just can achieve a requirement. But closed-loop control need is adjusted through PID, just can have relatively of beautiful follow the effect. Like that the attune of PID teachs often need to be cost for a long time, quite take time. Nextpage challenges 3: Laser power is adjusted not easily at present the object of cut is mostly multilayer material is qualitative (solar energy board, film of lay a finger on of mobile phone screen) , need uses different power to have cut; But because the laser on the market is special,the laser of controller is adjusted (VAO Table) have a group only, not easy on the power of cut switch and adjust, bring about can pledge cut method the layer repeats cut according to material only at present, in order to achieve a needed requirement. Will cause so however produce can speed cannot promote. Challenge 4: Take time of day of career program free from worries because graph of laser beam machining is complex, simple speed plans to already cannot satisfy treatment cut result, if the mobile phone touchs cut controlling a standard, use Spline curve is below the state mostly, longer perhaps geometry line and arc, if cannot essence of life does speed control to be able to bring about an orgnaization to add definitely decelerate shakes or the graph is out of shape badly (if be cut too with shake) , if pursue,5 are shown. Because machine stage designs personnel to provide a figure only mostly,the dot is expressed (Position) , do not have the data that speed plans, so need plans with artificial mode of operation speed, design take time of day of flow free from worries on one hand, and if receive a program,need to be amended afresh when the mistake, also will cause produce can cannot promote. The bottleneck that place of integrated above laser beam machining encounters, how is the athletic control card of new generation to answer a challenge? Real time presents PWM to control ability tradition to move the PWM control that controls card, all use means of Duty singular control, and control through software, meeting is faced cannot real time and the sequential of stable control PWM. To answer different speed and different figure, card of control of new generation sport uses more to plant control means, include frequency attune to change (air of Frequency Modulation) , bandwidth runs (Duty Modulation) , mixture air runs (Blend Modulation) , if the graph is shown 6 times, this control means can be finished by hardware control, this PWM can present the performance that gives different energy below all sorts of cut speed, because this needs to build the energy list of one correspondence, happen in order to prevent " phenomenon crossing be in harmony " , this energy control says (VAO) , if pursue,7 are shown. PWM of switch of Multi-VAO convenient trends uses Multi-VAO means to go to the lavatory to differ because of what cut material pledges, achieve depth cut result, make method cut OK finish, need not repeat method again cut, if the graph is shown 8 times; Shorten considerably manufacturing time, also provide manufacturing efficiency. It is better to achieve that athletic contrail follows to teach with attune of simple and easy PID exacter cut figure, athletic control card uses new generation high end to shut return circuit completely (Full Close Loop) means control, achieve smaller Error Count error, in whole photogenic more high-powered than controlling card to have commonly, follow ability error is quite small, if pursue,9 are shown. To achieve tall follow accurately ability, need to use PID to control a system, but the Cheng when to shorten PID attune teachs, the user can be assisted through the program of Easy Tuning, in the v inside short time set of optimal PID parameter, if the graph is shown 10 times, can promote property considerably, simplify operation sex! Automatic career program and graphical method program pass the algorithm of Softmotion, new generation motion controls Kakegen to occupy the graphical data that user place provides, voluntary plan lay off optimizes graphical method to plan, with shortening needless method promotes cut speed and smoothness. Can reduce needless repetition so, greatly promotion is produced can. Use Softmotion inside before look up plans (LookAhead) function, when athletic contrail has the turn of older point of view, softmotion can be calculated automatically and in advance falls fast, make an orgnaization OK comply with flowing speed, the shift of the finishing contrail of smooth-going. The implementation of so complex function, the user needs to input 3 systems parameter only, it is respectively " the biggest fast (Max.

Velocity) " , " the biggest acceleration (Max.

Acceleration) " and " admissible number (Tolerance) " (if pursue 12) . Adopt the in-house program of Softmotion, the orbit that can reach complex figure moves. When does performance of a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood pass above the research and development of new function and new technology, the motion that proves new generation of approach China science and technology controls card to there is very good show on Laser Cutting effect, its career program lets an orgnaization first-rate follows quality, make integral machining error controlled inside dinky limits. The table is as follows to check equipment standards actually, orgnaization part uses servo motor (Servo Motor) and ball guide screw (Ball Screw) , speed of the biggest campaign is 800 (mm/s) . After through Ling Hua software of Easy-Tuning of science and technology is debugged, obtain optimize shut loop PID parameter, make the control expression of integral machine stage is in ± 2 errors unit (here physical quantity is 5um) . Because Nextpage is machined be by 4, the graph that place of 500 small line segment comprises (if pursue 13) , special acquire 4 curved part paragraph reach 4 end length are linear paragraph error data (if express 2) , and the error of curved horn contrail of integral laser beam machining is less than 2.

2um, the orbit error of long linear end more be less than 0.

5um. In carrying picture of enlarge of the following area, can seeing laser energy clearly is equably control in certain limits, showing effective treatment contrail is flowing without shake. Also from this but the athletic control card of new generation of science and technology of evidence Ling Hua can come true not only general much axis interpolation moves, can come true at the same time machining like the complex graph such as Laser Cutting. And board on the strength of real time laser that realizes and pass on speed follow, can save systematic CPU resource effectively more, make sure its machine efficiency. Motion of high end of approach China science and technology controls calorie of PCI-8254/8258, have high-powered motion to dominate show, use newest DSP and FPGA technology, can provide statement of high speed, high-powered mixture imitate and pulse alignment exercise. The make a present of before through hardware implementation shuts loop PID to contain gain control, newer rate can be as high as servo 20kHz. Download through the program, highest but synchronous real time executes 8 kinds of independent missions. Approach China science and technology provides the applied tool that uses easily freely, include substantial movement to control applied function, and the user is diagnosed reach operation interface, the exercise that can achieve high rate, high accuracy controls capacity. Technology of Softmotion of science and technology of Ling Hua of have the aid of, the person that use reduced the time of development considerably, offer remarkable synchronous campaign to control function, the person that can use for business of machine stage equipment is economic be as high as 25% to come the cost of 50% . Sum up industry of laser beam machining to be close to more in the life of prospective general and people, if car Ban gold, mobile phone reachs TV face plate and case, it is the false tooth related medical treatment shapes even the application such as the medical treatment laser that reachs human body to concern. Of laser beam machining efficient also can accord with more energy-saving the demand that reduces a platoon. Each country already all invested a large number of resource, in an attempt to has the breakthrough of banner sex on relevant technology. With big China area character, the manufacturer also contends for more than 200 different laser equipment to be grabbed eat market flat bread, but when facing equipment of Euramerican high end, the conformity of software actual strength, the market position that controls these firms, promotion machines quality to strive for higher equipment wool interest rate. Approach China science and technology controls a technology by right of more than 10 years of motion, and as old as the manufacturer applied collaboration experience, successful development gives synchronous sex motion and laser control technology, complex rate program and laser intensity are calculated on card of park sport control, make an user OK the method of CAM of proper motion program, but do not need to fear complex maths is calculated, the market that other seeks in be the same as in order to achieve adds value effect. Future machines method to also will upgrade to be made for 3D by 2D, process those who if at present place of CNC tool machine is done,carry out application, can have much better treatment surface technology. CNC Milling