Of welding rod arc welding solder process

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Welding rod arc welding calls manual arc welding again normally, it is to apply the most general fused solder to solder method, the high temperature that uses electric arc generation, high quantity of heat undertakes it soldering. The fusion welding of other to understanding sort has the operation principle that mastered manual arc welding very great help, because the operation of this will manual arc welding is labelled,solder the most serious content of the exercitation. If plan institute is shown, of the power source when soldering one extremely receive work, another extremely connect with welding rod. The space between workpiece and welding rod falls in the action of field of dispatches from foreign news agency, generation electric arc. The arc column temperature of this electric arc can be as high as 5000-8000K, cathode temperature amounts to 2400K, zincous temperature amounts to 2600K. It makes workpiece connect place local and fused on one hand, also make welding rod is carried at the same time the ministry fuses ceaselessly and drip in weldment connect space, form metallic bath. After welding rod removeds, bath metal is very fast refrigeration, caky form welding line, the join that makes the two parts of workpiece firm is together. CNC Milling